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Buy Abaya online for Muslim women in religious garb (hijab, niqab, burka, khimar, etc.) in public places sparks debate in many Western countries. Head scarves have long been viewed as a symbol of oppression, Islamism, and the forced wearing of a headscarf by women.

Women's oppression, self-marginalization, and fundamentalism are just a few of the topics that frequently appear in public magazines when depicting a woman in a foldable prayer dress in USA. Now we're back to debating whether or not women should wear the burqa or the burkini. We are one of the best providers of hijab dresses for Women in the USA. Secondly, the issue of openly choosing or being forced to wear hijab dresses online involves both the visibility of women in public places and how this can be reconciled with Western cultural ideas and ideals.

Oriental Magic

$99.90 $44.90

This Hidjabaya® parades colors as majestic as the sea, sand, and sky of the Oriental Magic. Adding fluidity to the traditional Muslim dress, this is a statement of style and...

Grey Skies

$99.90 $54.90

Bring grace and serenity to your morning prayer sessions with this Hidjabaya® while making a distinct statement of beauty and grace. This Hidjabaya® is smooth and soft upon the skin,...

Elegant Prayer Beads

$29.00 $9.90

Strikingly beautiful and intricately crafted, our prayer beads are individually molded with the utmost care and the highest quality materials—an ideal gift for any devoted Muslim. Our prayer beads come...

Crescent Bracelet

$98.00 $54.90

This charm bracelet is stylish and luxurious. A delicate crescent charm adds a touch of whimsy to this piece that will make it stand out like the moon itself on...

Calla Lilly Earrings


The Calla Lilly Earrings are made from 925 sterling silver. These floral-inspired earrings are destined to be loved by all. With cubic zirconia and a sparkling silver finish, they’ll add...

Yellow Jasper

$99.90 $54.90

Capture the ancient shades of the natural Jasper stone with our abstract Hidjabaya®. This dress exudes the inherent qualities of the precious gem Jasper, like strength and perseverance—and makes a...

Oriental Ochre

$99.90 $44.90

Striking. Elegant. Delicate. This abstract Hidjabaya® is a work of pure art. We've seamlessly combined a creative array of pastel colors and fluidity into one stunning design. Its creative array...

Green All The Way

$99.90 $54.90

Our Green All The Way Hidjabaya® opens the door to an ancient culture while maintaining simplicity and elegance. Its comfortable fit and warm, rich color create a sense of ease...

Royal Indigo

$99.90 $64.90

This whimsical Hidjabaya® is by no means ordinary. With head-turning shades and eye-catching patterns, you'll be able to showcase and celebrate the style that makes you so unique. Hidjabaya® is...

Tasbih Digital Set

$29.90 $14.90

Had problems counting beads? Never get confused nor demented with praying and counting beads. We offer a full package! A stone Zikirmatik and a Pearl Rosary all in a very...

Hijab Magnets Set

$29.00 $24.90

When it comes to changing your Hijab style, sometimes you need some extra help. Our Hijab magnets instantly change the look of your Hidjabaya®, making it possible to switch from...

Earrings with Cubic Zirconia


These dangling earrings are inlaid with the finest cubic zirconia that will dazzle those who are lucky enough to see them for themselves. They’re unique, understated, and perfect for a...

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