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Buy Abaya online for Muslim women in religious garb (hijab, niqab, burka, khimar, etc.) in public places sparks debate in many Western countries. Head scarves have long been viewed as a symbol of oppression, Islamism, and the forced wearing of a headscarf by women.

Women's oppression, self-marginalization, and fundamentalism are just a few of the topics that frequently appear in public magazines when depicting a woman in a foldable prayer dress in USA. Now we're back to debating whether or not women should wear the burqa or the burkini. We are one of the best providers of hijab dresses for Women in the USA. Secondly, the issue of openly choosing or being forced to wear hijab dresses online involves both the visibility of women in public places and how this can be reconciled with Western cultural ideas and ideals.

Forever Rouge

$109.90 $39.90

Our Forever Rouge design is a fresh and playful take on the classic paisley motif. This bold Hidjabaya® is for those with such a flair for life as vibrant as...

Heavenly Being

$99.90 $39.90

Bringing graceful elegance to your prayer time, this Hidjabaya®  has the delicate appearance of the moon against the night sky. Heavenly Being is an utmost classic, a reflection of divine...

Royal Gold

$99.90 $39.90

This lavish Hidjabaya® adds a sense of luxurious elegance to your traditional prayer dress. Our extravagant gold paisley motif is beautifully sophisticated, promoting a feeling of opulence every time you...

Blush Pink

$109.90 $39.90

This Hidjabaya® is the perfect choice for women who enjoy simplicity and sophistication in their style. The timeless shade of pink is flattering and feminine without being overbearing.  Hidjabaya® is...

Mecca Prayer Rug & Tasbih

$49.90 $35.90

Our richly detailed Mecca Prayer Rug & Tasbih are designed to fit the modern Muslim lifestyle, emitinating the essence of the Middle East everywhere you take them. Our prayer rugs...

Luxury Mini Quran & Tasbih Set


This luxury mini Quran & Tasbih set is designed and packaged as an elegant collection to be treasured by any faithful Muslim. Made of high-quality materials with exquisite craftsmanship, this...

Crescent Necklace

from $49.90

This necklace is as awe-inspiring and memorable as the crescent moon in a clear night sky. Wear it to elevate any outfit to out-of-this-world class and style. Our Moon Necklace...

Crescent Ring With Gem

from $39.90

You’ll feel like you can shoot for the stars with this beautifully designed and carefully manufactured ring. The moon and gemstone features combine into an unforgettable piece that you’ll want...

Golden Ocean

$99.90 $44.90

The Golden Ocean divinely wraps your body with a soft, flowing fabric beaming of royal colors. The luxurious paisley print adds just the right amount of youth to this elegant...

Pure Midnight

$99.90 $39.90

Nothing quite beats the sophistication and simplicity of the Pure Midnight Hidjabaya®. The richness and depth of this Hidjabaya® keep it classic with the everlasting elegance of black without sacrificing...

Oriental Magic

$99.90 $34.90

This Hidjabaya® parades colors as majestic as the sea, sand, and sky of the Oriental Magic. Adding fluidity to the traditional Muslim dress, this is a statement of style and...

Grey Skies

$99.90 $39.90

Bring grace and serenity to your morning prayer sessions with this Hidjabaya® while making a distinct statement of beauty and grace. This Hidjabaya® is smooth and soft upon the skin,...

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