Workout Gear For Hijabis




For Muslim women joining the gym and playing any sport comes with challenges that non-Muslim women do not have to deal with. There are certain rules set out by Islam that these women and young girls follow strictly as devout Muslims, rules that society have excluded from the normal practices of everyday things. 

Muslim Women who observe the hijab have taken to keeping themselves modest by always covering up their bodies when out in public. Some of them wear the traditional clothing that are loose fitting and does not shape their bodies at all, while other Muslim still observe the hijab by combining it with Western Clothing. 

Because Muslim women are not allowed to expose any part of their body except for their hands and face, it makes it very difficult to participate in physical activities outside of their homes. The traditional Islamic dress is not comfortable enough to run in or even gym in. In some cases, women have gotten hurt by having their hijab get stuck in the equipment they were using or injure themselves by constantly having to stop to re-pin and secure the hijab if it had slipped off due to excessive movement. 



What Hijabis Women Need to Know About Workouts in Public?

Working out in public among other people is a great motivation when you are trying to achieve a specific goal and work out in a positive environment, it also pushes you to stay consistent with exercising as working out at home can be a drag and you have the freedom to keep postponing your workout- if you ever get to it. 

Muslim women not only have the difficulty of finding clothing to exercise in, but they also need to take extra steps to ensure that the workout space is modest and is in alignment with the teachings of Islam. There is a misconception that Muslim women are not allowed to play sport or join the gym or take part in any physical contact activities. The teachings of Islam differ on the matter, it encourages its followers by urging them to take care of their bodies by eating healthy and exercising. 

To ensure that Muslim women can fully participate in these outside activities, some adjustments must be made. Muslim women can only join women only classes if at a gym. It is forbidden for women to exercise or train in the company of unknown males.  

They are not allowed to share showers and should exercise in areas where there are no surveillance cameras. 

When working out be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing that isn’t see through or even made from mesh material. You need to wear long sleeve t-shirts and long pants and cover your hair. Keep in mind that it might take a while to get used to working out in clothing that covers your entire body. 

Another option for ladies can be to wear running tights and wear a skirt or a shorts over it to give you that coverage and security that you need. This way, you won’t feel exposed, and the running tights won’t explicitly show your shaped figure. 

For the upper body you can wear an athletic top, which covers you and will only expose your hands. If you don’t have a performance hijab, you can even opt for a buff, these are great as they not only cover your hair but your neck as well. If you should choose to wear a beanie, wear a high collar t-shirt.



can hijabis wear t shirts


Is it permissible for hijabis to wear t-shirts


There are several rules that govern the area reserved for women in Islam:

  1. We shouldn't reveal too much here

  2. Clothing must not be too tight on the body

  3. Covering the chest on the front is necessary.

So far, you are the only one who can tell whether your dress belongs to one of the above categories.

In case you feel your shirt is too revealing or too fitted, do not wear it. If you feel otherwise, you can wear it.

For a dress to be permissible, it must fulfill three points, whether it is a t-shirt, qameez, abaya, or anything else.


As a result of these “is it permissible” questions, the seeker of the answer becomes subservient to someone else’s thinking process, which is problematic. Are seekers of such answers devoid of thinking for themselves? It is not a world or life-threatening issue or problem; Islam does not say, “don’t think for yourself”. As a Muslim, I see many people losing sight of the bigger and more important values because they get caught up in trivial details.

The following story illustrates what's important.

There was a man who asked the prophet for advice on how to become a better Muslim. He said he was a sinner, but he wasn't able to give up all his sinful behaviors. The prophet answered him simply: Speak the TRUTH. He did not say, "Say your prayers five times a day, grow a beard, or make sure your pants cover your ankles." It's as simple as that. Speak the Truth.

'Truth sets one free,' that was his message. Let's focus on that and not worry about everything else.

can hijabis wear t shirts

Yes, hijabis can wear t-shirts. Hijab is a term used to refer to the head covering worn by some Muslim women, and it does not necessarily dictate the type of clothing that a hijabi can wear. As long as the t-shirt is modest and covers the appropriate areas of the body, a hijabi can wear a t-shirt.

Here are some examples of modest t-shirts that a hijabi could wear:

  • A long-sleeved t-shirt that covers the arms and extends past the hips
  • A loose-fitting t-shirt that does not hug the body
  • A t-shirt with a high neckline that covers the chest and neck
  • A t-shirt with a long tunic-style cut that covers the hips and thighs
  • A t-shirt with a print or design that is not revealing or provocative.

These are just some examples of modest t-shirts that a hijabi could wear. The key is to choose t-shirts that are comfortable, modest, and respectful of the hijab.

Give 10 Gear and Outfit for Islamic Women and Explain Each, What is Important:

Recently, sportswear for Muslim women have been surfacing. This is to allow more Muslim women the opportunity to take up sports and exercise without having to worry about being modest and constantly having to stop while doing physical activities to fix their headscarves or pull down their t-shirts that ride up exposing their stomach when doing too much movement. 

Although Nike has sparked the interest for other international brands to create a collection of workout wear for Muslim women when they released the Nik Pro Sports Hijab, many other smaller companies had already been creating and producing clothing specifically to cater to the needs of Muslim women. 

Another brand called Dignitti has also started manufacturing activewear with the sole purpose of empowering Muslim women to live healthier by being physically and mentally fit while providing them with the equipment, comfort, security, and confidence they need. 

Most women are self-conscious of their bodies, and although Muslim women choose to dress modestly, it doesn’t mean that they are always feeling secure within their bodies. Often women will compare themselves to other women in the gym. This is the result of the normal sportswear that non-Muslim women wear that plays on this insecurity. The use of skin-tight leggings, and sport bras that reveal the stomach and shows cleavage shows the results of the other women such as a flatter stomach, or abs and for Muslim women, the results aren’t seen clearly through the choice of clothing they wear. This can be extremely off putting for Muslim women. 

Taking all the negatives that Muslim women face into consideration, many companies have come forth and designed work out gear to help eliminate these challenges and make exercise more appealing. 



These are some of the top modest sportswear workout gears that are must-haves:

  1. Mu’mine Company-  

    This company has a variety of clothes to choose from in different clothes, styles, and sizes. Their range covers tops, bottoms, and hijabs. The brand incorporates both aspects of modesty as well as ethical considerations as these Muslim women produce the garments and take of productions themselves. 

    Mu’mine uses Nylstars MERYL which is a fabric that guarantees protection against Ultraviolet rays, ensures that there is shape retention and reduces the odor produced when working out.

  2. Haramlak Company-  

    Most Muslim women have raised the fact that the Burkini which is the swimwear designed for Muslim women and girls are too tight when using them for sports. The issue of it being heavy when getting out the water was also a big concern. 

    The Burkini that Haramlak produces are of quality material and provides a comfort fit. There are also various designs to it that accommodates not only one size women but everyone no matter your body type or size.  

    The material used enhances performance and doesn’t have the heavy drag when it gets soaked with water.

  3. The Islamic Design House-  

    They have created the sport jilbab which is like a hijab. You can use the jilbab for any exercise that just requires you to cover your hair. 

    It is made from two fabrics cotton and polyester and ensures full coverage while still giving you that sporty look and feel.

  4. Asiya-  Aside from the sports hijab that Nike has released, Asiya has created a sports headscarf with a built-in headband. The benefit to this sports hijab is that it is has three separate designs which allows for different ways of coverage, provides comfort and breathability.

  5. The Veil Hijab (Also known as the cool dry shawl)-  This Veil Hijab is the first of its kind as it can adapt to the climate. It is also waterproof and breathable. Made from 100% nylon fabric.

  6. Nimble-  Nimble has two products designed to keep you covered and dry as well as modest while exercising, their sports bra provides that extra comfort you need while running or even working out a sweat in the gym and their vest has a secure fit which isn’t too tight or see-through.

  7. Lycra Swimwear-  This product is made from high quality swimwear which makes it quick- drying and is chlorine resistant.  Another great feature is that the swim top and leggings come with a detachable skirt that you can choose to use for extra coverage.

  8. Adidas T-shirts-  These crew neck t-shirts are made from 93% cotton and have a loose fit. It helps keep your body cool and provides the needed coverage from a t-shirt

  9. Nike Tracksuit pants-  These Nike joggers are a slim fit, are thick enough so that it doesn’t shape and are also comfortable.

  10. Nike Pro Hijab-  In 2018, Nike released a pull-on headpiece that is lightweight. It is also stretchy and has mesh polyester that is available in three different colors. They are available in black, grey and obsidian.





As gym wear for women wasn't inclusive for all women from different backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds or even religion. These garments have increased the number of Muslim women and other women who have felt uncomfortable to workout in clothes that are revealing, to now play sports and are able to take part in other outdoor activities confidently without worrying about being judged for the clothes they wear or how different it looks. 

This modern approach to include devout religious people in the normal activities of society has only paved the way for better and equal sporting opportunities for anything that wants to compete.