What To Wear To Ramadan Gatherings


Ramadan is the most precious and important month for all the Muslims of the world. In Ramadan, Muslims fast for a whole day to purify their heart and soul and realize the sufferings of the poor and needy.

It is the month in which the reward of every good deed is increased and Allah showers a lot of blessings upon Muslims. Righteous Muslims are promised the highest place in Jannah for their sacrifices and sufferings.

Ramadan gatherings are the times when we can interact with our loved ones, family, and friends alike. We share iftar with the most important people of our lives. Sometimes, people like to organize a one-dish party in iftar. We can also increase our blessings by offering iftar to poor Muslims.

It is important to arrive on time to Ramadan Gatherings, as fast must be broken on the exact sunset time. So, it is better not to miss it, even if you are not fasting yourself. Dates are the most common food of choice to break fast.

Every year, the month of Ramadan arrives at the sighting of the moon, and everyone brings lots of get-togethers and Ramadan gatherings. It becomes hectic to decide what to wear to Ramadan Gatherings every year without repeating any look. We have created a list of the variety of looks that you can show off at your Ramadan Gatherings.



Tips on what to wear to Ramadan Gatherings:

  1. You need to be considerate of modesty when deciding on what to wear to a Ramadan Gathering.

  2. Wearing fitted and revealing clothes is a strict no-no.

  3. The most common attire to wear to Ramadan gatherings is stylish and elegant, but there are other amazing options as well to bring variety to your wardrobe.

  4. It is better to wear scarves on your head or style them on your neck.

  5. Flowery fabrics and colorful designs are a wonderful option for Ramadan Gathering.

  6. Try to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

  7. Accessorizing your look is extremely important.



Here are some really stylish and magnificent looks that you can try at your next Ramadan gathering.


1. Cigarette pants with Kurtis:

Cigarette pants are so easy to style. You can pair them up with so many shirts and Kurtis. This style is modern yet modest. It covers all the important parts of your skin while still accentuating your beauty.


There is an incredibly amazing collection of Kurtis in the market in numerous colors, designs, and fabrics. You can easily choose the Kurtis that will suit you, even after making sure of your comfort.

2. Bisht:

Most of the girls are unaware of what is a Bisht. A bisht is a long shrug that is open from the front. You can show off your outfit wearing a bisht while maintaining the modesty of your outfit.


Bisht is available in numerous designs and prints. You can complete your look with a simple one-colored Bisht if your outfit is extravagant. Accessorizing your look is a must if you are wearing a Bisht. You can also match your Bisht with your glamorously styled hijab or scarf.

3. Maxi dresses:

Ramadan arrives in summer for most of us. In such weather, it is essential to wear flowy and airy dresses to feel less sweaty. In this weather, maxi dresses and sundresses are the best options.


They give you elegant yet comfortable vibes. Plus point is you look instantly beautiful in flowery and colorful maxis. Maxis is also a great option for an Eid look. You can accessorize your maxi stylishly with bangles and chokers.

4. Kaftan:

A Kaftan is an elegant variant of a robe or a tunic. It is worn in various ways in different cultures and regions. There are a variety of ways to style kaftan. Kaftan dresses and maxis are really popular. You can give a slimming effect to your Kaftan by adding a belt to your waist. You can complete your outfit with a piece of beautiful jewelry and a clutch.

5. Unconventional blazer and pants:

If you want your look to be different from others and unique, then this is the best option for you. This look will make you stand out in any Ramadan Gathering and give you a head-turning reaction. Since the dress is so vibrant and loud in itself, try to pair it up with white or beige-colored footwear. 

6. Tulle or sheer skirts:

Pairing tulle or sheer skirts with an elegant maxi or a high-waisted skirt will be a perfect combo. This will be a nice layering to your dress. Since tulle is wonderfully sophisticated, it will give a classy persona.

7. Long umbrella frocks:

You must have already seen umbrella frocks in your friend’s wardrobe or somewhere else, as they are quite popular. They give a nice whimsical and flowy in summer iftar parties. The flow of the fabric brings excitement to your mood and to the surrounding others.

8. Color Block dresses:

Color block dresses are quite n demand this time of the year. You should cleverly design your color block dresses. Color block dresses are effortless and give you a perfect look without much ado. Whether you are in favor of warm or cool colors, you will find the perfect match for you in the market easily. Pastel shade color coordination is the best way to wear it.

9. Tiered Ruffle Dresses:

Tiered Ruffle dresses are the symbol of extreme femininity. Nothing can go with a simple, tiered ruffle dress. It can easily go with high heels and silver earrings. I’m sure a tiered ruffle dress is the best choice for your next Ramadan gathering.

10. Harem Pants with sophisticated tops:

Harem pants are again fashionable after a long time. Harem pants are the best way to rock a magical Disney with a cool, stylish top. And what can be the better occasion than a Ramadan gathering to show off this outfit of yours.



These are some really stylish and gorgeous outfit ideas that you can easily get your hands on for your next Ramadan Gathering.