What did Lionel Messi wear during the soccer world cup ceremony?


I'm not sure why Lionel Messy wore a very special dress during the last soccer World Cup.

The black robe worn by Argentina captain Lionel Messi as he lifted the World Cup trophy in Qatar has divided opinion among fans and observers.


What is Abaya?

Abayas are used by men as layering garments. As such, they are loose fitting but fitted properly to the body. They are often worn over long garments such as dishdashas.


In the manufacturing process, cotton is often used to manufacture men's abayas. Although black is a popular choice, other colors include brown and ivory as well. In any case, neutrality usually defines the color choice. Additionally, gold trimmings or beaded embroidery may be added to the finished product. Abaya manufacturers typically place embroidery on the front or the sleeves of men's abayas.


In Islamic fashion, abayas and jihabs are both modest garments that cover the majority of the body. Both are part of an overall modest dress code sometimes known as hijab. In certain verses of the Koran, believers interpret that men and women should cover as much of their bodies as possible while in public.


What is a bisht?


Women in the Gulf region often wear bishets to cover their hair in public. Men do not typically wear them.

Royal family members often wear a bisht to formal events, such as weddings, but the garment is normally reserved for special events.

For centuries, politicians, religious scholars, and high-ranking officials have worn the bisht as formal wear in the Arabian Gulf, Iraq, and countries north of Saudi Arabia, with the flowing cloak serving as a distinguishing garment. Bisht tailoring is considered a sign of prestige or high status, which is why it is a skill passed down from generation to generation.


What Lionel Messy said?


Speaking about Messi wearing the garment, he said: “They basically honoured him by putting it over his shoulders. It’s like a mark of honour, and just kind of a cultural welcoming and a cultural acceptance.”