Our Hidjabaya is your next best choice!

Buying the perfect abaya that covers the body, easy to handle, and looks good when you carry it is difficult. A prayer-friendly abaya with high-quality breathable fabric may be an ideal choice for a Muslim woman- but these are hard to find nowadays.

A hijab is meant to cover and not to show. Keeping that in mind, the need for such a hijab or abaya is increasing day by day. We have brought something entirely revolutionary- just for you. 

We have designed it for a Muslimah motivated to take her decision and wear her abaya and hijab. Our Hidjabaya is an ideal choice for you. It's the next best choice to go on your shopping list. 



Not sure yet? 

Read the features of our beautiful, one-piece, and easy-to-wear Hidjabaya and get yourself this ideal piece to cover you up.


One piece

Are you struggling to keep the different pieces of your abaya together?Wearing and handling different pieces of an abaya is not a simple job. Washing them separately, giving them extra space in your cupboard, and wearing them five times a day to cover the body is so tiring and annoying. 

Hidjabaya is designed explicitly for the prayers of Muslim women. This single-piece abaya has a pocket in the center that can be used to keep your belongings. You can even wrap the abaya into the purse, which makes it a small abaya bag. What more? You can even keep it on the table of your prayer room-saving your cupboard struggles.

There's no need to make room in your cupboard for an abaya now- because we have you covered!



 A perfect gift

Gifts are the symbol of love. Our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) loved giving gifts to relatives and friends. Gifts spread happiness and smiles. Who doesn't love receiving a gift? And nothing can be a better gift than something that can help you pray.

Our Hidjabaya is your next best choice if you are looking for the best gift. Trust us, spread love and give gifts to your beloved women. 

The high-quality fabric that covers completely with easy-to-wear and single-piece features would be a great surprise gift for your beloved ones. Impress your beautiful women with Hidjabaya.

Your travel essential

Praying during travel can become a challenging task. You may struggle to collect the different pieces of your abaya from your travel bag. Imagine wearing and taking them off five times a day? Incredibly tiring. But what happens when you lose even a single price necessary to cover yourself up for prayers? That's just a nightmare.

Want to know the solution to all that? It's our revolutionary Hidjabaya. No more wearing and taking off your abaya again and again. You can go traveling wearing your Hidjabaya, and you can pray without much preparation! Our Hidjabaya is the best choice for you. You can even carry it as a handbag. Gone are the days when you had to buy different pieces of abaya to hide your hands, head, and chest. 

This is a must-take in your travel bag. So before you close your hand carry, buy this essential travel Hidjabaya to make your trip more memorable and more accessible.



Prayer friendly

Worried about praying with jeans and a shirt on?

Hidjabaya is prayer-friendly whether you offer prayer at home or the mosque. 

Imagine this; you hear Adan (call for prayer) and leave all your tasks behind to offer prayer. You step on the praying rug- but hold on a sec. You're wearing jeans. How often have you gone through this?

Changing five times or more a day is so exhausting that you either give up on jeans or the most important thing- your prayer. 

But not anymore. We have designed our Hidjabaya, especially for your prayers. You can now dress however you want and still go to the masjid or pray Salah at home by giving just a few seconds to your Hidjabaya. Open up your Hidjabaya, wear it, and you are ready to offer your prayer.


Breathable fabric

Good fabric is tough to find nowadays. When you do find it, it turns out to be expensive. Even if you buy that costly abaya, it's sure to be too adorned to wear casually and suffocating. A light abaya that doesn't suffocate is the dream of every Muslim woman. Hijabaya has made this dream a reality. Your abaya doesn't have to be a burden- it can feel good with breathable fabric.

Hidjabaya is made from the highest quality fabric and contains premium quality 100% polyester that does not wrinkle. Hidjabaya is an ideal choice for a Muslimah. The highest quality breathable fabric is the best choice for you if you are looking for an all-day hijab- casual or fancy.



Complete modesty guaranteed

We guarantee complete modesty. Prayers have some conditions, and covering up your body is one of them. Women have to cover all the body parts except for the face, hands, and feet to pray for their Salah. 

In that regard, we have designed the Hidjabaya to help you offer your prayers five times a day. We have used High-quality opaque fabric to ensure complete coverage during prayers.



Easy to wear

Gone are the days when you had to change your clothes for the prayers. Hidjabaya is easy to wear. You can simply open the bag pocket of Hidjabaya, unfold it, offer your prayer and wrap it again till the following prayer. The fantastic thing is that you won't need to press it as the high-quality fabric will avoid any wrinkle formation in the Hidjabaya. 

Don't hesitate!

This revolutionary abaya is just a few touches away- and with a reasonable price at that! Take a step forward and buy your Hidjabaya today! Buy once and enjoy for years.