The query, “how to pray while studying at university,” might sound odd to Muslim students. But, in reality, it’s absolutely easy to pray at university for Muslim students. But that is possible for Muslim students who reside in a Muslim state.

Here, we are talking about Muslim students who reside in the US. For such students, it is not easy to pray while studying. Now, there is another thing to clear in this regard. For such students, it can become a challenge.

So, for the ease of such students, we have created this guide. This guide will highlight how to pray while studying at university. Further, we will highlight how to keep your spiritual level up while studying at such universities. So, let us start the discussion.

Why It Is Tough for Such Muslim Students to Maintain Their Spiritual Level? 

Before we start, let us just discuss this matter first. No doubt, it is not easy for such students to maintain their spiritual level while studying. So, here are some reasons for this cause.

1: A Different Environment 

Pretty obvious point. Right? Well, despite the simplicity of this point. Many people do not understand that different environment in this regard is the main culprit. Now, in the US, most university-going students are Christian.

So, they have churches within universities for practicing their religious activities. So, there are no mosques for Muslim students in most of these universities. So, to offer prayer 5 times a day is not easy for them.

2: Different Norms 

Again, pretty much an understood aspect. Every society has its own norms. So, it becomes a tough task for Muslim students to maintain their spiritual level. Not many Muslims around; everyone behaves differently.

These are some challenges that such students have to face.

3: Somewhat Hesitation 

Now, you can say that this point is pretty much in control of a Muslim student. So, Muslim students become somewhat hesitant while practicing their religion.

So, their spiritual level doesn’t remain the same. When you hear such stuff, it definitely hurts you. So, in this regard, students should take care of such concepts. Be loud. No one is stopping you from offering a prayer.

Some Tips for Muslim Students to Pray While Studying at University

So, here are our tips. Basically, these tips are for those students who want to pray while studying in a foreign university. So, let us get started.

1: Stay Confident

The first and foremost tip in this regard cannot be better than this. Now, that’s pretty obvious. Stay confident. Yes, staying confident would give you that boost to practice your religion the way you want. For example, we just discussed how some students hesitate to offer prayer in a different environment. Understandably, the environment matters. But to what extent? That is the question here.

So, there is no need to stay hesitant. No one is going to ask you about your religion. So, always pray with full confidence.

2: Get Attached to The Muslim Community

It is fine that you have some non—Muslim friends. But it should not be a hurdle for you to offer prayer in the university. It has been observed that many Muslim students aren’t that attached to their specific religious community.

So, if you are not attached, problems will arrive. So, it is best to get attached to a Muslim community in your college or university. In that community, you will find a ton of Muslims just like you.

So, with this approach, you can give confidence to each other, which is much needed in such scenarios. Therefore, you won’t have any issue offering prayer.

3: No Community? Build One

Didn’t get it? Let us explain. As we just spoke about, getting yourself attached to a religious community. So, some students might say that there is no such community in our institute? Well, it can happen.

So, the best answer to this question is to build one such community. Yes, building one such community is an excellent idea. Moreover, because there might be a ton of other students just like you, these students might also be searching for such a community.

So, building one such community is definitely going to help you a lot in this regard.

4: Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid? Didn’t we just repeat the same line? Well, no. The idea here is to focus on this line. Don’t be afraid means that you should not consider anyone apart from God. So, do not think that what others would think when you are offering the prayer.

No one has anything to do with your religious beliefs and spiritual level. So, you should work on maintaining your spirituality level away from home. What would others say? You should be far away from such thoughts.

5: Practice Islam

Islam is the best religion in the world. There are many reasons for this claim. First, it does not only require you to pray to practice it. Even if it is not prayer time, you can practice your religion. Want to know how?

By helping others and nicely greeting them. That’s also what Islam teaches us. Further, it would help not forget other aspects of practicing Islam. For instance, reading Quran-Kareem on a daily basis is also essential for Muslims.

It will help you maintain your spirituality level. So, with such good deeds, you practice your religion. In addition, it helps you stay confident in what you are doing.

Final Words:

So, now you know, how to pray while studying at university? In reality, some simple tips can help you get out of this situation. If you are Muslim, you can offer prayer the way you want. You just need that confidence.

Further, a bit of motivation on top also does the job. So, now you should not have trouble offering the prater in the university.