How To Choose The Best Hijab Style For Your Face Shape?

Choosing the right Hijab style for your face shape can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be! With a few simple tips, you can find the style that will work best for you. Read on to learn more about how to choose the perfect Hijab for your face shape with these helpful guidelines.


Different Hijab Styles For Round Faces

A Hijab style for round faces can be challenging to find, but some styles will work well with this shape. The following hijab styles will help to make the round face appear more oval.

Drop Hijab:

This is an effortless style where the Hijab will hang down in its natural shape from one side of the head and drape across to the other.

Twist Hijab:

The twist hijab is an adjustable wraparound that goes around your head with two panels on each end twisted together like a braid.

Chignon Hijab:

This style is best for round faces because it softens the features and draws attention to your hairline, making it look more oval in shape.

Bubble Wrap Hijab:

The bubble wrap hijab is a wraparound headscarf that resembles the popular packing material. The wrapping creates a more oval shape.

A-Line Hijab:

A-line hijab is designed to be wrapped around the head in an upside-down V, or like ski goggles with one strap on each end of your head and the fabric set across your forehead. This style will help elongate round faces because it does not cover the features and creates a more oval shape.


The headscarf is a simple hijab that wraps around the neck and goes over the top of your hair. This can also be worn with a high ponytail to cover the forehead as well.

Different Hijab Styles For Long Faces

Long faces are best suited by styles that add volume at the bottom and draw attention away from the top, as this shape can make you look too stern.

Since it is challenging to balance out a long face shape, you need styles that shorten and round your features. Styles with the volume on the bottom half of the Hijab are best for this shape. The following hijab styles for long faces will help you find the best style for your look.

Half Hijab:

This style has a longer side and shorter side, with the volume on one of the sides. The long side can be wrapped around to cover most of the top half of your face if you have more coverage in mind.

Neck Tuck hijab:

This is another perfect option for those who want to show some skin but still contain their hair. The neck is tucked in the Hijab, and one side of your hair can be pulled out to show off a few strands.

When wearing this style, it's best to curl or straighten your locks before putting on the Hijab. Using light layers will also help create volume at the bottom half of the face while shortening at the top. Long face hijab styles will work best for you if you wear your Hijab with a side-swept bang that is angled towards the chin.

Half Bun hijab:

Half bun hijab is an excellent option if you have long or thick hair. This style does not require top knotting and can be accomplished without any hassle. This Hijab style can be worn at a variety of festivals or even just as an everyday hijab.

Messy bun hijab:

This is perfect for those who want to wear a style with length but still need their hair securely covered. This quick fix can be accomplished without any fuss in seconds!

Half Veil Hijab:

The Half veil hijab is perfect for those with a long face shape but still want to show their hair. This style comes with volume in the front and back, which will give you more balance overall. This hijab style for long face shapes will help you cover excessive hair by drawing attention away from the top and balancing out your features.

Half Twist hijab:

The half twist hijab is an excellent option for women with long faces because it has nearly everything to round out your features. A twist in the front and a diagonal hemline will make you look as radiant as ever.



Different Hijab Styles For Oval Faces

Hijabs styles for oval faces are the most difficult to find because they work with various face shapes. The goal is to cover your hair and make it look like you have just styled your headscarf as opposed to wearing one to obey religious law. People do this by choosing an oval style, which is designed to be worn over the head and rest on either side of your face. Hijab styles cover face sunglasses are also an excellent option for this type of face shape.

The only way to know what will work best for your oval-shaped face is by trying on different styles and deciding how you want to wear it based on the occasion.

Ponytail Hijab:

This is the most popular Hijab styles for oval faces because it creates a bun in the back of one's neck with hair draped over both shoulders or wrapped around the front and tucked under another part of the material at the front.

One Shoulder Hijab:

This style works well with people who have a long and narrow face, as it drapes over one shoulder while the other side of the hair is pinned back or wrapped around the front to create volume on top.

Chinese Knot Bun Hijab:

A common type of Hijab that many women prefer for oval faces is the Chinese knot bun, which looks like a low ponytail as it starts from one side and wraps around to tuck in at the back.

Chinese Knot Wrap Hijab:

Another type of Hijab that works well for oval faces is this style, which features two loops secured by pins or clips on either side of the head with hair draped over them to create a bun at the back of your neck.

Half Hijab with Bun:

This style is famous for oval faces because it takes up less space on top by only covering one side of the hair, which then creates room in front where you can tuck some hair under or pull out and let it hang down.

Scarf Bun Hijab:

This style will give a long look to your neck and upper shoulders. It also has the added benefit of keeping hair out from under the scarf!



Best Hijab Styles For Round Faces

If you have a round face, make sure that your Hijab does not cover too much hair. If it covers more than half of your hair, you might want to look for a style with less coverage.

Balcony Veil:

The Balcony Veil is a style with maximum coverage that can be worn by both those who have round faces and those who do not.

Half Veil Style:

The Half Veil Style is a style that does not cover the face while still covering the hair, which makes it perfect for people who want to show off their beautiful faces while still being modest.

These 2 Hijab wearing styles for round faces will allow you to be both modest and stylish, so choose the best one for you!

Hijab Styles For Almond Faces

I'm sure you're well aware of all the standard styles for hijabs - many are a lot more complicated than what's necessary, and often, people don't even know that there are other options. For almond-shaped faces, which are characterized by narrower cheekbones and an angular jawline with a rounded chin, here are three hijab styles that are simple, effective, and flattering.

Bandana Style:

This hijab style is perfect for those with short or medium hair because it's a quick fix to cover your head without sacrificing any length! You can choose the size of your bandana based on how much you want to cover up - we recommend using one at least as big as the width of your shoulders.

Chiffon Style:

This style is perfect for those with thicker hair because it allows you to show off some layers and texture through a sheer fabric that's lightweight enough to move around in! The key is putting on an under scarf before tying up all loose ends into a bun or ponytail.

Scarf Style:

This style is perfect for those with long hair because it gives you the chance to wear your locks without sacrificing any length! All you need are two scarves, one on top of each other - we recommend using at least a chiffon scarf so that it's lightweight enough to be comfortable.

Tip: If you're looking for a quick fix for your Hijab, use any of these styles and tie it in the back with an elastic band or hair clip!




In conclusion, it is essential to find flattering and comfortable styles when choosing hijab styles for different face shapes! The key is finding something that suits you best while still being modest and covering all of your hair.

Choosing the best hijab style for your face shape can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. You should also think about what is comfortable for you as well! If you're struggling to find the right style after trying out some new ones from our list above, let us know - we would love to help you figure it out by finding something that suits your needs without compromising modesty!