How Do You Wear A Hijab On Your Head?

The hijab is a headscarf that some Muslim women wear in the presence of men who are not related to them. The word "hijab" comes from the Arabic meaning "hide." Some Muslim religious leaders believe that by wearing the hijab, women are hiding their sexuality and avoiding male attention.

There are two types of hijabs: one covers all or most of the hair while another covers up part of it. Hijabs come in different styles depending on what you're comfortable with, but they're typically worn over clothes for modesty's sake. If you want your clothing to be seen through your hijab, then try finding sheer fabric or other lightweight materials that will allow people to know what you're wearing underneath without being too revealing.

Hijabs are also more than just a piece of cloth you wear on your head; they're symbols of modesty and piety for many Muslim women who choose to get them, which is why it's important that before wearing one, make sure your hair isn't exposed through the hijab or by what you're wearing underneath it.

Wearing a hijab scarf is an important part of the Muslim faith. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to wear one properly. Worry no more! This article will teach you everything you need to know about wearing a hijab scarf and give you some great tips on what styles are best for your face shape and hair texture.



5 Styles Of Hijab Scarves For Everyday Wear

Scarf wrapped around hair:

The scarf can be tied up high or low, depending on your preferences. For a casual look, tie the top of the hijab in a simple knot and wrap it so that most of the fabric sits on one side. This Style is excellent for everyday wear because you only have to do it once, and then you're good to go.

This Style is perfect for those who want a more formal or dressy look and need their hijab to be tied in place but not falling over the face all day long. To achieve this, tie your hijab scarf into a high hair bun and pin it securely so that you get the desired look. This hijab style is also great for women with long hair because it can be tied up high and tucked underneath so that no one knows you have a hijab on.

Scarf Bun:

This hijab style is great for those who love to tie their scarf into a bun. It's easy, and you only have to do it once, which makes it perfect if you are in a hurry or want something quick but stylish. To get this hijab style, you have to take your scarf and tie it into a loose bun. Then pull the excess fabric over the top of your head so that half of it sits on one side. This hijab style looks great with women who like to wear their scarves in front because it creates an illusion of having two separate pieces.


Scarf Tied behind the head:

Do you want a hijab style that's both easy and quick to do? Try tying your scarf around your neck in a loose knot, then tuck it underneath so that half of it sits on one side, as well as pull up some fabric from underneath to create thickness over the top of your head. This hijab style is excellent for women who like to wear their scarves in front because it creates an illusion of having two separate pieces, and you can also tuck the excess fabric underneath if you want a more formal look.


Scarf wrapped around neck:

One of the most popular styles for hijab scarves is to wrap them around the neck. The scarf should be draped from either the right or left shoulder, making a triangle shape. You can then tie around your collar and your neck and adjust as necessary.


Scarf wrapped around niqab:

Scarf wrapped around a niqab is all about having one end of the scarf draped over your head. You can tie it in a knot right in the middle so that the scarf is tight enough to stay in place. The other end of the hijab can be wrapped around your neck or tied behind your head.

The scarf should be long enough so that when you wrap it around your hair, you have an inch or two left on each side. Now is a good time to wrap the leftover pieces of the hijab into a little bun and pin it in place with a bobby pin or clip if you have one.



How To Tie A Hijab Scarf?

Wearing a hijab scarf is an ancient tradition. It is part of the Muslim culture. A hijab scarf may be worn by women who are married or unmarried, but it is important for women to wear their scarves in line with their culture's traditions. Here are some simple steps you can do on how to tie a hijab scarf:

  • Wrap the scarf around your head, making sure it is not too tight or loose. The top of your hijab should reach the bottom part of your nose.

  • Place one end of the scarf under your chin on each side and bring them together to tie behind your neck in a knot. If you prefer, you may leave this step out and tie a knot on top of your head.

  • Make sure the scarf is not twisted or turned around, then wrap it over one shoulder to bring it under the other arm. This step depends on which side you would like to have more coverage from your hijab scarf behind your neck.

  • Wrap another section of the scarf once again over one shoulder and bring it under the other arm.

  • Tie a knot on top of your head or behind your neck, depending on which side you started with. You may also wrap each end around to tie in front of your throat area if desired. Finish off by tucking any excess scarf material underneath the tied areas, so they do not show.

  • Your hijab scarf will secure around your head and neck, but it should not be too tight or uncomfortable as you wear it throughout the day. If a hijab is worn properly on a woman's head, her beauty and personality come out more than if she were to cover herself with makeup or anything else that may give off an air of insecurity.

A hijab scarf can be worn in so many different ways, but the most important part of wearing a hijab is that it should always be comfortable for you as an individual woman who wears it no matter what Style you prefer!



How To Tie A Hijab Scarf For Different Face Shapes?

If you have a round face:

  1. Turn the scarf so it is in a diamond shape, and fold it in half so that the seam is on the left.

  2. Fold it in half again, and wrap it around your head. The right side should be longer than the left and run over your head so that the left falls down your back.

  3. Wrap the left side of the scarf into a knot at the nape of your neck. This will create an oblong figure on your forehead with two loose ends coming down behind your ears.

  4. Take one end and twist it up to create a turban-like shape, which you can wrap around twice for extra warmth or leave as a single layer.

If you have an oblong face:

  • Turn the scarf so it is in a diamond shape, and fold it in half so that the seam is on the left.

  • Fold it in half again, and wrap it around your head. The right side should be longer than the left, covering your upper forehead and running behind your ear.

  • Wrap both ends of the scarf around to make a turban shape. Wrap it up as many times as you feel comfortable for extra warmth. This type of wrapping will create a rectangular shape on your forehead with two long pieces from behind your ears.

    If you have a square face:

    • Turn the scarf so that it is in a diamond shape, and fold it in half so that the seam runs down your nose.

    • Fold it into thirds to create a triangle with two long ends coming out from behind each ear. Bring one end around your head and knot under the chin; bring the other end over the first and knot on top of the original around your head.

    • The scarf should resemble a square with two long ends from behind each ear and one wrapped across your forehead to create an X shape. Then, you can wrap it up as many times for extra warmth or leave it as is if desired.




      If your hijab is square or rectangular shaped:

      You can wear this Style in almost any way that flatters your figure, like tying the ends into knots at the nape of your neck with loose tails hanging down both sides (this looks good on almost everyone) or wrapping it into a turban. Still, you can also try some more advanced styles like creating the hijab into one long poncho-like rectangle and tying loops of fabric at each end to create an oblong shape.

      Tips for finding the perfect Hijab scarf

      Whether you're looking for something with prints to brighten up your day, or you're looking for the perfect black hijab scarf to match your outfit, there are several things to keep in mind when shopping for the ideal hijab scarf.

      First of all, ask yourself--what kind of hijab do I want? Consider one in cotton material if you want a simple yet classy hijab scarf to complement an outfit. If you need something more heavy-duty and suitable for colder weather, consider buying a faux fur hijab scarf. For added warmth, or if you live in a hot climate, search for a thick knit hijab scarf with long sleeves.

      Once you've figured out what type of hijab scarf you're looking for, it's time to shop! We at Hidjabaya offer different types of hijab scarves, including some with unique prints.

      Lastly, make sure your hijab scarf matches the rest of your outfit if you're wearing it outdoors or in public.



      Hijab Styles For All Hair Types

       Hijab styles are one of the most important aspects of finding the perfect hijab for you. Many different hijab styles come in many different looks, shapes, and sizes. Hijabs can be straight-cut or loosely cut; how they are worn is dependent on what type of hijab you have. Some head wraps are designed bigger to show off more hair, while others are designed to cover the face in a more petite frame. The Style of your hijab will also depend on your hairstyle.

      We will start with the basic hijabs, the straight cut, and the crinkle cut. These styles require no styling but can be styled with pins or clips to make them stay firmly in place. For more intricate styles, the straight-cut hijab isn't very simple to wear. This Style will require you to pin your hair down underneath to be pulled into place tightly and then pinned. The crinkled or twisted cloth is another type of scarf that requires no styling but instead needs a little more work for it not to fall out throughout the day. This Style will need to be twisted and then pinned into place as well.




      How to Wear a Hijab Scarf for Every Occasion?


      1. Normal Style: this Style provides comfort and is appropriate for everyday use. Wrap the scarf around your head and cover your hair and ears. Ensure that the part that covers your hair has just enough fabric to cover any gaps and that it's not too tight or loose on your head. Lastly, tuck in any excess material so that the scarf doesn't move around while you're wearing it outside.

      2. Wrapped Style: this Style is appropriate for casual outings and can be completed within a few minutes. Start with your hijab where you left off in the standard Style, but then wrap it around one more time like a headband (keeping fabric flat against your hair). For added flair, add some pins to keep the wrapped scarf together.

      3. Backwards Style: This Style is best for parties and dinners. Start with a backward knot to create your hijab headband, then use fabric from the bottom of your scarf to cover your neck up towards your forehead (leaving hair exposed). Add pins if desired.

      4. Low Pony: this Style is great for a night out with friends and family. Twist your hijab into one long headband, then pull the fabric over to cover half of your forehead (leaving hair exposed). Pull down on the bottom of your scarf so that it covers up some but not all of your necks. Finish by tying off the side tails of your hijab with a pin.




            You may be wondering how to wear a hijab scarf and what type of hijab you should buy. We've provided the most common styles, but we want to give you some more ideas on different ways that can help make your hijab stand out as well! You could also try wearing two hijabs at once (a normal style over the wrapped Style) or tying one side up like a ponytail. Which is your favorite? We provide a wide range of colors and designs to satisfy even the pickiest woman. Send us an email for more gorgeous hijab scarves!