Hijab Styles For Holidays

There are many things that we associate with the holidays, such as family, celebration and giving. Yet there is another aspect of this time of year-creativity! Creativity is boundless during the holiday season, whether it's in how you dress or what gifts you give to others. One great way to do this is through hijab styles! These headscarves can be worn by women of all ages and from all backgrounds. By making an effort to look stylish, you show your family members and friends how important they are to you.
Hijabs come in many styles. They are usually rectangular pieces of cloth wrapped around the head and secured with pins, clips or combs. How you choose to wear a hijab can be pretty varied. Depending on how formal you wish to appear, you can opt for a simple look or an elaborate style.
As many Muslims will know, the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr is fast approaching! These celebrations occur during the summer season, which means that many people may be wearing lighter clothes as they go about their daily routines. This also includes women who wear a hijab for modesty reasons. With this in mind, we have come up with some ideas of how you can wear hijabs during the holidays. It's worth noting that these styles are ideal for women of all ages and from all backgrounds, such as Muslims or non-Muslims alike. 

Choosing the right hijab style for holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration, family and giving. It's also a time when we get to show off our creativity regarding the gifts that we give and how we dress up. Hijabs, as we know so well, are not just for the mosque or the prayer section. They can be worn on all occasions and give you an excellent opportunity to show off your style. Yet when it comes to hijab styles, this can be a little more complicated than most women think. Some simple yet very effective hijabs look lovely and cute on women of all ages and backgrounds. When planning how you will dress up for the holidays or other special events, be sure to browse through these fantastic ideas presented by Hijabaya!


Different types of hijabs for different occasions

Hijab is a headscarf worn by Muslim women. It's not just a piece of clothing, but it reflects some societies' culture, norms, and traditions. Almost every Muslim woman wears the hijab, but only a few wear them on special occasions due to their style and patterns.


Eid Hijab Outfit Ideas:

There are many Hijab Eid Styles that can be worn for Eid. Hijab Eid Styles are varied, and you can find them in a wide array of fabrics, colors and designs. This type of Hijabs comes in different styles, so you will find one that suits your personal preference. At Hijabaya, we offer Eid hijabs which are affordable, come in different colors and can be worn for Eid or Ramadan. These are fashionable, comfortable to wear and modest at the same time. These styles come in a wide variety of shapes, patterns and designs that you can choose from depending on your personal preference.



Overcoat hijab

This type of hijab covers the entire face and thus leaves you feeling more secure. It has a long cape that goes down to your ankles, with a fake pocket on the chest for your hands to fit in. This hijab is ideal for people who feel uncomfortable without any covering over their faces. You can wear this hijab in different ways by adjusting the cape so it does not cover your face thoroughly, or you can also change it so that your neck and a few of your shoulders are covered.

  • Middle eastern style hijab
  • This type of hijab covers most of your face, including your eyes, but leaves a tiny opening for you to see through. A hijab is held in place by tying it underneath your chin and behind the nape of your neck.

  • Underneath Clothing Hijab
  • This hijab is worn over other clothing such as a blouse, dress, or even a t-shirt. It's designed with buttons that you can easily detach when necessary. It allows you to change the usual appearance of the clothing you're wearing. This hijab is ideal for people who don't want to change their regular appearance on Eid but still want to wear something different.



    Ramadan Hijab Fashion Trends:

    Ramadan is the most important time for the Muslim population, and it is observed every year. Many people wear hijabs for this holiday and in general, so finding Ramadan Hijab Styles shouldn't be hard at all! The most obvious choice is to go with a simple and elegant lace design-lace fabric that has been popular for centuries, but you can also choose something that matches your taste. Choose from many different colors and textures to find one that suits you best.

    • Two-Piece Hijabs

    The two-piece hijab is one of the most common and easy wear styles during the holidays. It's perfect for any occasion while still showing off your creativity! If you're looking for a simple two-piece hijab, there's no need to look further. You can wear it any time of the year, but you can also add your style to it! Choose a design that makes you feel comfortable, and head out with your family for some fun!


    • Non-traditional Two-Piece Hijabs

    Many designs will fit the purpose if you're looking for something more than just a plain two-piece hijab. You can have fun with your hijab this time of year by wearing non-traditional two-piece hijabs! There are many to choose from that can make you stand out in a crowd and also look fabulous at the same time. Take some time to browse through different designs until you find one that makes you feel comfortable, and then wear it with pride!


    • Butterfly Hijab

    If you want something not as easy to wear like the previous hijab style, then try out the butterfly hijab. This mini chiffon scarf is attached at the sides and wrapped around the head. Wear it to add a bit of mystery to your clothing. This hijab style is perfect for any occasion because of its simplicity and elegance-you can wear it with anything!


    • Asymmetrical Hijab

    For those who love functional and modern hijabs, the asymmetrical hijab is a great option. It's made of high-quality fabric with designs that aren't too flashy. This hijab style is perfect for any occasion because it can be worn with anything without being too formal or too casual. The best part about this hijab style is that you can tie it in the front or back so that your hijab compliments your clothing choices. Choose from the different styles and colors to find a style that will make you feel comfortable and confident. When it comes to choosing a hijab for this celebration, there are many options out there – whether you're looking for something simple or something more complex, our hijabs can fit your needs!



    Party Hijab Styles For Eid

    Halter hijab

    Halter hijabs are an attractive alternative for the woman who needs coverage but also desires a fashionable outfit. Many halter hijabs have contrasting colors to add a pop of color, yet the head covering is still modest.

    Zigzag hijab

    The zigzag hijab is another simple style that still looks great. It's a trendy look that many Muslim are enjoying. These hijabs also come in vibrant colors and patterns, calling out to the woman who wants to add some festivity to her outfit.

    Knotted hijab

    This is a unique style option for women who want something extra special for their hijabs. It's a unique style that takes more time to tie, but the results are worth it, and you won't have to worry about it falling off your head while dancing at your Eid party! The knot looks attractive and has a bit of flair to make it stand out from other hijabs options on the market.

    Bandana hijab

    The bandana style is a cute twist on the classic hijab. You can pair this with jeans and an off-the-shoulder top for a chic look! If you're feeling extra adventurous, add some earrings to complete your outfit.

    Knotless hijab

    A knotless hijab gives you the comfort and simplicity of a headscarf without having to worry about knots. A knotless hijab is ideal for people who have sensitive scalps, as not having the knots means it won't hurt your head.




    Beautiful Simple Hijab Tutorial For Eid

    If you want to add a bit of class to your hijab, try this simple tutorial. All you will need is two scarves and clips.

    • Please put on the shorter scarf over your head and adjust it, so it fits well.
    • Put the longer one around your neck like a regular wrap. Now loosen the ends of the longer scarf so you can see the shorter top layer below.
    • Wrap the ends of the long scarf around the front of your neck, making sure to cover up any areas that might be showing such as hair, chest or shoulders.
    • Take both ends and pull them up, so they are over your ears, then clip them in place.
    • Secure the scarves together using clips or pins and adjust them until you are happy with how it looks.
    • You can pull up the ends to see if anything is showing that shouldn't be (like hair) or cover up any exposed skin.
    • This hijab style is perfect for Eid as you can see all your beautiful accessories without anything getting covered up!

    This is a great style to wear for the Eid holiday. It's also very simple but still elegant and can be adjusted to fit your needs.



    How to wear a chic Hijab in Ramadan?

    Ramadan is usually a sweltering month, and that means you have to dress according to the weather. Getting dressed in the morning - especially during Ramadan - can be challenging because it's super hot most of the time unless there are some windy days. It would also be nice if you could wear something comfortable but still chic for this special month.

    The following points will help you to wear hijab chic in Ramadan.

    • Wear a hijab with the hair tied in a bun so that it will cover your neck.
    • The length of your pants should come below the ankle.
    • Your top should be lightweight and comfortable.
    • Choose heels instead of flats and opt for toe rings or other jewellery pieces with sparkle.
    • Avoid heavy make-up, or minimal is always the best. Just use a light foundation and natural eye make-up.
    • Go for an unusual print scarf. You can add gold and silver accessories to your outfit as they are standard colors in Ramadan.
    • Wear a light-coloured hijab, so you don't sweat much, especially during the evenings!
    • Wear loose clothing. You can also layer your top and bottom with a light shawl or scarf if you like.
    • You can wear pants with a long tunic and add embellished accessories to complete the look for the daytime.
    • Another great option is to go for an abaya dress that covers all of your body but not completely. This would be great for Eid or weddings and celebrations as well.
    • For the evenings, you can go for a long shirt or dress that covers your whole body so that you can still enjoy the weather without being wrapped up in multiple layers of clothing. For this look, add accessories like a statement necklace and earrings to make it look more chic.




    What could be more festive than the holidays? And what better way to celebrate them but with hijab styles! Whether you want a simple look or something over-the-top, we have it all here. From zigzag scarves and knotted hijabs to an abaya dress paired with a chic headscarf - there's no shortage of options for those looking for ways to wear their religious identity during Ramadan this year.

    Hijabs are a fantastic way to show off your creativity and still maintain modesty. If you want some inspiration, here's a list of unique hijab styles for Eid or Ramadan that could work as party hijabs too! Which one is your favorite? Let us know below if you need help choosing the right style for yourself!