Go Big or Go Home: 5 Hijab Designs That Reflect Grandeur


Much more than the actual dresses, Muslim women are more concerned with the hijab they will wear each day. And rightfully so too. The kind of hijab one wears reflects their personality. Women who wear bold shades appear more confident whereas the ones choosing lighter and elegant shades appear more graceful and confident.

But you don't have to reinforce these stereotypes. If you want to break shackles and wear something bold, yet beautiful, give this list a quick look.



Bridal Hijab designs: For your special day

Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life. You are bound to accept no mistake on your special day. Muslim women, like everyone else, want to appear graceful and beautiful. Regardless of how pretty one's dress is, without the right hijab, one can not complete their look.
The market is full of exquisite new designs that you will love. Shades of gold, red, and silver are used to create breathtaking and mesmerizing bridal hijabs for the beautiful bride. 


Burqa Hijab Designs: Experiment with contrasting colors

Earlier, choosing the right hijab with your burqa used to be a daunting task. Now, it is rather fun. This is because the world has become more accepting of contrasting colors. You can match a blue burqa with a red hijab and no one will bat an eye.

Similarly, there are many latest designs in the market, mainly patterned and floral designs that will create bewilderment and feelings of awe.

Sportswear Hijab designs: For women who dream big

Sportswomen who wear hijab have faced a huge dilemma; playing sports with an uncomfortable hijab or letting go of one's traditions and religious commandments altogether. Luckily, most women choose the former. However, this is bound to change.
In recent years, brands have geared up and introduced a variety of hijabs that are specifically made for hijabi women. These are easy to wear and are made with non-slip fabrics that allow for greater comfort and convenience.
Most of these hijabs don't require any pins and can be worn within seconds. Moreover, they are available in many different styles. You can opt for a pagri, turban, bow style, or go for a traditional hijab.



Short kameez Hijab designs: There is beauty in simplicity

Many young girls don't wear burqas or abayas; unsteady, they only wear hijabs. But since they are young and full of energy, they are always on the lookout for fashionable hijabs that they can flaunt in front of their friends. 

Moreover, young Muslims also like to experiment with colors and styles and they rarely opt for a uni-color kameez. This makes finding an appropriate hijab quite difficult.

However, with so many brands introducing multi-colored and patterned hijabs, the task becomes quite easy. 

So the next time you are confused, simply check out the top hijabs on Pinterest and find your inspiration there.

Inspiring Hijab designs: For a fun day at the beach

Surrounded by scorching heat and exhausting summers, the mention of a beach day serves as a breath of fresh air. But beaches have a certain vibe and Muslim women love to wear colors that compliment the atmosphere. Choosing an appropriate hijab in these circumstances thus feels like a daunting task.

For a perfect beach day, one can go for patterned and sequined hijab designs that help make a statement. Yellow goes well with a pink frock or maxi whereas green perfectly compliments an orange dress. Moving to the other side, you can also go for shades of blue that perfectly match the color of the gorgeous waters.



Designing my Hijab- Is it possible?

Going to a store and buying a hijab is an exciting thing. However, the act can soon become quite monotonous. To spice up one's life, one can always find ways to create their favorite styles themselves. There are very few people who know art better than a Muslim woman.

Designing one's hijab is not only possible, but it is also one of the most interesting and enjoyable things to do. You can start by purchasing a white or black colored plain hijab. You should also have a glue gun, some beading, and other accessories that you want to place on your hijab.

You can then start putting up pearls, beads, and any other accessories that you want on your hijab. You can also dye your hijab to create a multi-colored end product. This task becomes much more fun when done with friends or cousins.

So the next time you are sick of buying a hijab from the market, get your tools and get creative. 

Modern Hijab designs- What's most popular?

There are so many new trends out there that it is hard to keep count. Stores like Hidjabaya have introduced some of the most stunning hijabs that are beloved by buyers. These hijabs don't follow any norms or specific guidelines but are made purely with love and passion.

But there is one trait that almost all modern hijabs possess; they are convenient to wear.

Muslim women, like most other women, love to go out to gatherings, meetings, and weddings. The last thing they want is an uncomfortable hijab that doesn't stay on their head. Their demand for more comfortable hijabs has compelled the brands to become innovative and find better ways to ensure convenience. As a result, you have a plethora of hijab collections catering specifically to women's needs.



Kids Hijabs and where to find them?

Many brands launch kids hijabs every year, however, most of these come in limited stock and limited styles. If you have a kid who loves to wear a hijab, you can always get a longer one and stitch it from one end to the other to make a smaller hijab. However, this makes for a thicker fabric that can not be worn in summers.

Another great way is to buy turban-style hijabs that your child can wear without assistance. There is also a range of hijabs that are stitched at the neck and don't require any pins. For more options for your kids, check this out.


Buy Hijab-your gateway to Jannah:

If you haven't gotten a hijab that you absolutely love, chances are that you haven't looked at the right places. The brands have to offer so much, you just have to find the brand that fits your criteria.