8 Muslim Hijab Designers Who Prove That Modesty Is Stylish Too

There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to fashion: be modest or show off. The latter is more commonly associated with Western culture than Eastern cultures like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. But what if you can do both? That's exactly what these Muslim hijab designers prove! These women believe that modesty is a virtue and wearing a hijab is empowering. The Muslim fashion industry has changed so much over the years, and these designers continue to break barriers by proving that modesty can also be stylish!

From their modest beginnings to their socially responsible practices, 8 Muslim fashion designers make strong statements with their designs and achieve style and modesty.


Azrina Tahar - Sufyaa:

One of the Muslim fashion designers who are making a statement with their designs. The hijab inspired Tahar to create her version of it, which she debuted to the public in 2011. Founder and owner of Singapore's modest women's apparel line Sufyaa.

She put a lot of time into social media at the time when Facebook was becoming increasingly popular. Her Facebook followers in 2011 paved the way for her to become a fashion designer. She was recognized by the mainstream audience and started to gain popularity.

Tahar's Sufyaa brand is known for its unique prints and emphasis on comfort, color, and style. Her collections include scarves, hijab, and shawls made of high-quality materials like silk and cotton. She also creates custom-made designs for clientele who want to look stylish in their hijabs.

Hafizah Ghazali:

With its thin cuts and pastel color palettes that are feminine, Hafizah Ghazali focuses on providing the optimal contemporary, primary, and uncomplicated style of clothing. This fashion designer is known for her choice of fabrics and cuts perfect for comfort and its ability to complement curves.

Hafizah Ghazali's goals include:

  1. Well-made clothing made with environmentally friendly methods of procurement, manufacturing, and distribution.

  2. A high-quality garment with timeless designs and multifunctional components.

  3. Giving people in local communities the chance to be empowered - including sewists, artisans, and those involved in the sales and distribution of clothing.

Hana Tajima:

Another talented Muslim hijab woman who loves to design using fine materials and unique prints. Hana describes her style as "Japanese-influenced," and she says that her Japanese heritage influences it in her love of process and simplicity, her faith in her respect for the body itself, and her English side in a somewhat rebellious nature.

Hana is known for its Islam-inspired fashion that is very trendy and high quality at the same time. The collection includes casual, formal, and evening wear. Hana also designs inspired jackets for women to go over their hijabs for work or other occasions.

Lulu Alhadad:

Lulu Alhadad's secret to her success is that each one of her pieces reflects and personifies genuine beauty, from the kaleidoscopic, dazzling hues to the intricate crystal adornments.

Lulu's career success and excellent style sense have been recognized as one of the sharpest in the local fashion industry, with her first collection containing just 16 pieces. Her designs are distinctly Middle Eastern with their draping fabrics and intricate oriental patterns. The style is both modest and elegant, which has allowed it to go beyond the borders of the Middle East and be famous in countries like India.

Lulu Alhadad has succeeded in making modest fashion fashionable for all!



Dian Pelangi:

Dian is one of the most well-known personalities on this list, owing to her popularity in the area. Her recent foray into the fashion business has not gone unnoticed by anyone.

Her designs are characterized by their bright patterns and mixing of Asian and Western aesthetics, as seen in her most recent collection, which was inspired by the worldwide popularity in the New York online series. Her creations are not only about the modesty standards in Islam; Dian also sees them as a means to promote social responsibility.

Rima Tadmory:

Rima Tadmory is a Birmingham-based British designer who specializes in modest bridal apparel!

From her grandmother, Rima learned the value of design and how to express herself through it. Eastern and Western cultures influence her designs - she blends traditional Arab clothing like abayas and kaftans with a contemporary spin. Rima's designs are a hit with Muslim women worldwide and are now growing in popularity in non-Muslim countries!

Diana Kotb:

It's no surprise that Diana's luxury modest fashion line burst onto the scene with a bang in 2014, after ten years of experience working for some of Australia's top fashion designers and brands (including Marie Claire!). Each item is meant to radiate beauty, brains, and a compelling vibe.

What's great about Diana's designs is that they're very wearable. They work for conservative Muslim women who want to dress according to their religion and those of us who want a little more coverage.

Each item in the line has been designed with the utmost attention to detail and high-quality fabrics, including chiffon, silk, and cotton. Diana Kotb describes her brand as "bridal wear with a western edge" – and we're totally on board with that!

Ibtihaj Muhammad - Louella:

Ibtihaj Muhammad is a professional American Muslim female athlete. Muhammad aspired to be the first U.S. female athlete to compete at the Olympics while wearing a hijab from an early age. She was a 5-time Senior World Medalist and World Champion and achieved her Olympic goal in 2016 by competing in the hijab.

Louella provides modest attire for millennial women of all faiths, with long, flowing items in eye-catching colors and prints. They have been featured in major special-interest publications from around the world.




The Muslim fashion industry has evolved considerably since its inception. These designers are continuously breaking boundaries from their modest beginnings to their socially aware behaviors. The following eight Muslim fashion designers are making statements through their designs and achieving style and modesty.

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