12 Freelance Jobs For The Modern Muslim Girl

Whether you're looking to work from home or on your commute, there are many ways to earn money in a flexible schedule. Whether you specialize in writing, design, data entry, or any other skill set, you can find a freelance opportunity that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

The world of freelance work has opened up a whole new frontier for women all over the world. With more and more people turning to freelance, it's no surprise that there are tons of opportunities out there just waiting for you! Freelance jobs are not only flexible, but they also offer great benefits like being able to tailor your hours to fit your life. Not sure where to start? We've got you covered!

Let us tell you about 12 amazing jobs for girls living in the 21st century. These jobs will help build your skills and grow your resume, all while helping you achieve a flexible work schedule:


  • Content writer:

This is one of the most popular freelance careers out there, and with good reason! Content writing requires a degree of creativity and the ability to produce high-quality content for your clients. If you have previous writing experience or prior schooling, you're already halfway there. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to invest in their brand's reputation, where freelance writers come in! By investing in professionals worldwide, companies can create engaging content in their respective industries to help build their brand's reputation. If you are looking for an online job that is well-paid and flexible, this is it.


  • A Virtual Assistant (VA):

A virtual assistant helps small business owners with various tasks like scheduling appointments, organizing email inboxes, sending invoices, etc. If you have a firm grasp of technology and can keep your eyes glued to social media, this is the job for you! Virtual assistants are in high demand right now, so if you're looking for an online job that doesn't require much time commitment, it may be perfect for you.

If you have no background in business or don't have a degree, there are still ways to make this work for you. By starting your own freelance business as a virtual assistant, you can offer your partner companies services, such as social media management and recruiting talent.

  • Online Tutor:

This isn't your average classroom experience! Online tutoring allows students to connect with teachers through different online learning platforms. Many websites provide opportunities for tutors of all skill sets, including language, science, math, humanities, etc. If you have a passion for education or possess an advanced degree, this is definitely for you. If you love teaching and can dedicate yourself to this career, you can earn an online tutor full-time.

  • Graphics Designer:

Graphic design has become one of the most popular freelance jobs out there. If your dream job was to sit around doodling all day, then this might be perfect for you! Graphic designers work with companies, big and small, to develop logos, advertisements, graphics for social media or apps, etc. If you are interested in learning to design but don't want to invest in expensive software, many online classes are available that can provide you with the stepping-stones you need.

A graphic designer is a perfect opportunity for women who want flexible hours, in addition to making a steady income.



  • Video Editor:

If you want to make some extra cash, take a shot at freelancing! This freelance job idea might seem a little unconventional, but its pay can be very high if done right. If you know video editing and enjoyed producing videos of family members or friends for fun, consider applying online with sites like Upwork, where plenty of opportunities are available. There are plenty of websites like Udemy that offer a free course that can teach you the basics so that you can take a shot at this one.

  • Photography:

Photography has been around for centuries, and it's high time women took charge! If you have experience with photography or enjoy taking pictures as a hobby, thousands of companies hire freelancers to help build their brand. Sites like Freelancer offer thousands of opportunities for people looking to make some extra cash by photographing companies. If you are looking for an online job flexible with your schedule, this may be a perfect choice.

Don't be afraid to turn your hobby into a successful freelance job. Whether you're interested in fashion photography, landscapes, or abstract perspectives, many websites will gladly accept pictures and offer tremendous amounts for selling them!

  • Social Media Manager:

Social Media is everywhere! Everyone from companies to celebrities needs social media managers. You can specialize in any one platform or manage them all. It's up to you! If you have a knack for keeping your fingers on the pulse of what is going viral and relaying that information on social media, this may be your perfect freelance job.

In the world of social media, it's becoming much more important to be a savvy marketer. The rise in popularity for these platforms has many companies hiring individuals who can dedicate themselves entirely to Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook with their busy schedules, not allowing them time to do so at an appropriate pace any longer.

  • Copywriter:

Do you consider yourself to be witty? If so, this may be a freelance job for you! This is one of the most common freelance jobs out there, and it's available almost everywhere online. If writing isn't something that comes naturally for you, many websites offer courses to help you improve your writing skills. Companies publish all kinds of content; sometimes it's helpful guides, other times it's informative blog posts. If you have a flair for the written word, this may be just what you're looking for in a freelance job.



  • Translator:

Did you know that there are thousands of websites out there on the world wide web dedicated to helping translate documents for a fee? If you see any language or dialect, you can make some cash by providing your service. All you need is a decent computer and internet connection, and you're all set.

  • eBook's Writer:

If you enjoy writing, this freelance job may be perfect for you! You can write eBooks and sell them online to companies or people all wanting to expand their knowledge on a particular topic. If you have extensive research skills, then you are likely already halfway there. If not, websites like Udemy offer courses that can teach you how to do adequate research and produce top-quality eBooks. Some may even offer you a bonus for good reviews.

Many websites sell and use platforms for your writing needs like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. You can also try your hand at becoming a published author by working on self-publishing platforms like Medium.

You can promote every written Ebook on social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google to share your article.

  • Be an Online Seller:

Who says you can't make money selling things online? eBay is a great place to start, and it's free! If you have something lying around in your home that others may be looking for, list it on the website and wait for people to buy it. However, before listing anything, make sure that you read through all of the rules and regulations of the website for your local area, as they do vary. Sites like Etsy offer a space for individuals to sell their products online without having to pay any listing fees! They only take a small percentage from each sale you make, making this one of the most profitable freelance jobs out there. Always read through the rules before beginning, though, as many scams occur on these platforms.

  • Become a YouTube Personality

YouTube has become one of the most popular and profitable social media sites in recent years. Many celebrities have made their start on the platform, so why shouldn't you? You can upload videos that showcase your talents or promote products for companies online as beauty gurus do. YouTube offers opportunities to make even more money promoting products for companies and camping up their profit. Creating a YouTube channel is free, and the sky's the limit, creating engaging content such as tutorials for makeup or cooking or videos promoting companies' products.




The opportunities for freelance jobs are vast and varied. If you're struggling to find a job in your industry of choice, it may be worth exploring some new options. You never know what the next best thing will turn out to be! Many people make a lot of money as freelancers, and it can be very fulfilling as well. You get to do what you like and work from the comfort of your own home!

The world is full of opportunities waiting for you; all you need to do is give them a chance. Freelance jobs are a great way for Muslim women to make money without working in a field where they interact with men. They can work at their own pace and earn a living. Working online is also one of the safest options because you don't have to reveal who you are or expose yourself to anyone, which is excellent for Muslim women.