Your beauty is in your hijab

Waking up like an adorable queen, wearing expensive clothes and jewelry, looking more beautiful than any other lady, living a fairytale. Can you imagine?

Getting out of a glamorous villa with servants around you, walking through picturesque streets, shop from the latest brands, and having limitless spa breaks. Just think of a life like that. Full of luxury and relish. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

These things may just be only a fancy dream to others, but not to a Muslimah. For a Muslim woman, these things are a reality. A reality that is not so far away, if they should want it. These are the rewards that Allah will give the Muslim women who love Allah, sacrifice their desires for Allah, protect themselves, and wear hijabs for the sake of Allah. A reward from the Creator to the creation.


Your hijab is your natural beauty

Your real beauty- a beauty more pleasing than anything- is in your hijab. A hijab doesn't hide your beauty, nor does it condemn you from the latest fashion. It's just your protective shield. Realize that just wearing a hijab makes you so much more beautiful.

Your hijab represents your Islam, your religion. It shows that you are a Muslim, that you believe in Allah. It shows that you will fight your fears and stand up against social norms- to stand against the world's treatment of hijabi- for your beliefs. For Allah.



Does Your Hijab Hide your beauty?

You may think that wearing a hijab- covering yourself up- hides your beauty. If you are beautiful, you might as well show it, right? Every girl has beauty, and wearing a hijab does not hide her beauty. It makes you even more beautiful- in the way that truly matters.

And wearing a hijab doesn't just make you beautiful. It makes you a brave, strong, and incredibly inspiring person—a person who every woman can look up to.


Hijab represents your love for Allah!

Your hijab shows you will fight for Allah that you have the power of faith in your heart, your soul alight with the grace and love of Allah. Just wearing a hijab- nothing more than an extra layer of clothing- means so much.

It makes you infinitely stronger and beautiful. Even if the surrounding people think it oppresses you, even if the world looks at you with pity.



Your hijab represents your personality

Your hijab does not make you illiterate; it does not suppress you. It does not hide your beauty, and it does not make you a walking ghost shrouded in black. It makes you beautiful because you are saying no to the world, only for Allah. 

It makes you graceful because you are not afraid of how people will look at you. It makes you dignified because you do not need to wear revealing clothes to feel empowered. And it makes you stunning because you are wearing it not for the world or yourself- but Allah.

It makes you a Muslim woman- one who deserves everything and more. And Allah does not hold back when He rewards.