Will hijab be banned in iran?


Currently, wearing the hijab is not banned in Iran. In fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran officially requires all women to wear the hijab when they are in public.

However, it is important to note that in recent years there has been a push back against this requirement, and some people have even taken part in protests against the hijab mandate. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold, but at the moment the hijab is still required in public places throughout Iran.

Are any Hijab banned? 

While wearing the hijab is not currently banned in Iran, many laws have been enacted to limit the freedom of women to wear the hijab of their choice. In 2018, the Iranian government announced a ban on foreign-made goods that resembled any form of Islamic dress, including the hijab. This ban aimed to restrict the availability of more fashionable hijabs and prevent Iranian women from expressing their individual style. Additionally, the police regularly conduct inspections to ensure that women are conforming to the hijab regulation. As a result, many women have faced fines or even imprisonment for “violating” the dress code.

Which Hijab banned in Iran?

Currently, any form of hijab that does not conform to the Islamic dress code is banned in Iran, including foreign-made hijabs and hijabs with bright colors or patterns. Additionally, any hijab that is not deemed “modest” according to the dress code can face punishment under the law. Generally, hijabs must cover the hair and neck, but leave the face and hands visible. Additionally, women must still wear appropriate clothing beneath the hijab.