Solo Travelling for Muslim Women - Guidelines and Significance of Pocket Abaya in 2022

The idea of solo traveling across Europe can be intimidating, especially if you are a hijabi girl. Though Europe is a Muslim-friendly place, and it does not have to be scary, you should always be fully prepared and know what to expect when traveling. 

Many concerns and red flags come to mind when deciding to travel alone as a woman. The major one is that you would feel welcome or not in the European countries if you wear a hijab or an abaya. 



Many travelers have shared their experiences, and they are of the view that they did not feel scared but rather welcomed by the natives. Moreover, traveling should always be more fun than scary or frightening. 

This article will share some must-do points that you need to follow if you are planning for solo traveling. 


Start with Appropriate Packing: 

You do not have to pack unnecessary items. Just pack the things that are of utmost importance and which you will definitely use. Pocket abaya is one of them. You should definitely carry it as it is accessible in portability, and you can use it while praying on the go. 


Moreover, they come in many floral designs, and you do not have to worry about looking odd or different. You can observe Islamic attire while staying classy yet elegant. 


Begin Your Journey with a Prayer: 

Before you go on a journey, make sure to say your prayers. The one high above will protect you. Keep your intentions pure and pray from the Almighty to secure you during your journey. 


Make Reservations in a Reputable Hotel: 


Your accommodation is one of the most important factors when it comes to traveling. You can use hotel loyalty programs or look online for deals on cheap hotels in local areas. However, it is recommended that you look for reputable hotels near your desired destinations. 


Carrying out research before booking will help ensure everything goes smoothly during the trip. Read reviews about them via sites such as TripAdvisor if possible; take into consideration their pricing and reputation. 




Always Trust Your Vibes: 


Listen to your intuition. It is usually always right. If you feel something is wrong while you are going, do not push it. Instead, escape from that situation and be glad you missed an event rather than sorry later because of negligence. 


Have Someone to Keep Your Track: 


International travel can be adventurous, but it is important to make sure you are safe. Have one friend or a family member who knows your itinerary in case anything happens. You can then easily share your ETA, and it will make you feel comfortable and safe while moving from one place to another. 


Try to Avoid Scams:


Unfortunately, Europe is known for a lot of scamming and pickpocketing. So, you have to be extra careful. The best way to avoid being as a solo woman travelering targeted by criminals in foreign countries is not to stop at random salesmen. 


Moreover, if you want to withdraw money, do it inside the bank branch. Also, try your best to avoid catching the attention of anyone to yourself. 






Keep Check of Prayer Times: 


Before reaching your destined place, check the prayer time and take a screenshot on your phone. Always plan your prayer. You do not have to particularly find a mosque and then offer your Salah. 

For this purpose, you have to have a pocket abaya and a prayer mat. Find a clean place and wear your prayer dress to offer Salah. 


Do Visit the Local Mosque: 

If you are a Muslim woman traveling, then visiting the local mosque is an excellent way to make new friends. European cities often have female prayer facilities, so this should not be a problem if it is your first time visiting one. 

You can easily search for the central mosque in the city. But, do pay it a visit and you will have a wonderful experience. 


A Free Walking Tour:

Join a free walking tour and make new friends. You will get the chance to explore your destination with an expert guide. Moreover, you will also meet other singles like you who are traveling on their own. 

It is a really fun experience. Furthermore, even themed tours are available, so look online for what interests you the most. 


Download a Compass App: 

The hotel’s receptionists do not always give you the right information about the directions. So, to offer the salah in the right course, you should have an application that will help you to determine the direction of qibla. 


For this purpose, you can download any free application to find the direction. It will be quite convenient, and you would not have to ask around anyone. 

Moreover, as a Muslim traveler, you should not skin your prayer and always remember to offer it on time. 


Get the Elegant Muslim Travel Attire from Hidjabaya: 

Hidjabaya is a reliable go-to place for all your hijab and abaya needs. Their outfits are highly appropriate yet classy for traveling, and they have a vast variety of pocket abayas, hijabs, and prayer dresses. 

They have designed their outfits by keeping in mind your comfortability and ease. Moreover, they have this amazing selection of pocket abayas and foldable ones which you can easily carry for your next trip. Moreover, you can also give their abayas or hijab to any of your friend who wants to travel. 



The Final Verdict: 

If you are planning to travel solo, then you are not alone. Many Muslim girls are now traveling on their own and are discovering places. By following some basic rules and safety measures, you will have no problem during your stay on your tour. 


Moreover, you can totally stick to your culture and religious principles by wearing stylish yet comfortable wears. You can style your hijab in many ways and find floral pocket abayas that will cover you fully and give you the edge of style. 


Just feel confident with what you wear and who you are and enjoy your trip in every possible way.