How To Choose The Right Color Hijab For Your Makeup Look

It's no secret that a woman can spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting her makeup, hair, and outfit. But sometimes, it takes more than a few minutes to decide what hijab color will match your look best. It might be tempting to pick up something neutral or solid colored, but the truth is there are so many more options from which you can choose!

How To Get Started: Tips On Finding The Right Color Hijabs For Your Makeup Style

There are some things to keep in mind when matching up your hijab and makeup style: tone, mood, and the occasion! Whether you're going for a bold power suit or something more casual, here are some tips on how to find the right color hijabs for your makeup style!


If you go for more neutral tones like black or brown makeup, try out darker colors like black or opaque blue hijabs. For more colorful makeups like pink or purple, choose lighter colors such as light green or light yellow.


Are you feeling bold and confident? Then try out darker colors like black or dark blue. Are you feeling more relaxed? Try lighter colors such as light green, light pink, or light yellow.

Do you want to make a statement? Then choose bright or bold colors like red, orange, or pink. If you're more conservative and prefer less color on your face, go for neutral colors like black, dark blue, or dark brown.


Similar to the color of your outfit, you want to choose a hijab that matches up with what you're wearing for the occasion!

  • For weddings or formal events, wear solid matching hijabs that match your outfits.

  • For prayer at the mosque, choose hijabs that compliment your outfits and have a similar color scheme for a more cohesive look. Casual or everyday wear is best with bright or bold colors!

  • For more casual, ordinary days where you don't need to dress up for school or work: Wear a hijab in a color that matches your outfit.

  • For more professional, formal days where you need to dress up for school or work: Black, dark blue, and opaque brown hijabs will give a more traditional feel.

Being creative with the hijab color scheme is one of the great things about donning a hijab! Experiment with different colors and combinations until you find something that works for your makeup style. Remember, there's no such thing as a 'wrong' color hijab; it's all about how you wear it and what message you're trying to get across.


Different Colors Of Hijabs To Choose From

You might want to go with one of the colors mentioned below for more formal outings such as job interviews and weddings!

Black: It's popular because it goes well with any outfit. However, the one drawback to wearing black is that it makes you look smaller. Black absorbs light and can visually shrink your body!

Brown: This tone is excellent for people with pale skin because it brings out their natural color.

Blues & Greens: These colors are great for women with dark skin tones; this color will make their skin appear even darker. It's also great for women with lighter skin tones but can make them look pasty if they are pale.

Red & Pink: Great for anyone who wants to stand out!

White: If you want to look more sophisticated or God-fearing, this is the color to use! Remember to tone down your makeup and avoid flashy accessories.

Purple: Another color that's great if you want to stand out from the crowd! It'll make you look more vibrant, but it can be highly overpowering as a hijab color as well as with your outfit. Tone it down by matching it with light colors such as white, gray, or light blues.

Gold & Silver: Great if you're going for a bold and powerful look! For those who want less color on their face, try wearing it as an accessory such as a hijab pin or ties instead of wearing it over your head. This way, you have the option to take off your hijab if needed.

Black & White: These colors together look so chic! However, if you're pale and trying to hide your paleness, black will only make it worse. Try wearing dark blue with white instead.



What Are The Benefits And Recommendations For Matching Your Hijab To Your Cosmetics?

Matching your hijab with your makeup can give you a natural, complete look perfect for any occasion. Matching your hijab to your makeup will make you feel confident and attractive for more casual days without going overboard. It's also a way to make a statement by wearing bold colors!

  • Match your hijab with the tone of your makeup. If you're wearing dark colors, wear black or dark blue hijabs to match it. If you're wearing less neutral tones such as bright pink eyeshadow and a hot pink lip, go for something lighter like light green or yellow.

  • Matching your hijab to your outfit can have a big impact and draws attention to your face!

  • When matching your hijab with your makeup: If you're pale, avoid dark colors and go for pastel colors like light purple or pink.

  • If your outfit is more on the bright side, choose a hijab in a similar color scheme. So if you're wearing all light colors: A soft blue hijab and pale pink lipstick would be perfect.

  • Match the tone of your makeup to the style of your hijab. If you're pale and wear bright eyeshadow, wear a lighter-colored hijab. If you're darker, wear a dark-colored hijab.

  • Wear different colors of hijabs on extra days! Don't stick to just one color, or your makeup or outfits will get dull.

  • Black is great for formal events such as job interviews and weddings because it's classy.

  • If you want to avoid looking like you're trying too hard, choose a color that matches your hijab rather than your makeup.

  • Match your hijabs to your outfits. For example, if you wear earth tones often, wear brown or gold hijabs with these colors. If you wear brighter colors, go for bright blue or green!





    Hijabs can be matched with various types of makeup and outfits, but that doesn't mean you should slap it on and call it a day. There are some things to keep in mind when matching up your hijab and makeup style: tone, mood, the occasion! Whether you're going for a bold power suit or something more casual, here are some tips on how to find the right color hijabs for your makeup style! The benefits of wearing coordinated colors include feeling confident about yourself without looking too formal or trying too hard. You'll also avoid getting criticized by others who think you're overdoing it. Matching different colors together is fun because there's always something new to try out instead of sticking to just one look all the time. If you are looking for the perfect hijab in your daily outfit and on different occasions, Hidjabaya is there for you. You can also find different types of hijab suitable for different face shapes and easier to wear. If you have any questions about the hijab, don't hesitate to contact us!