How to Carry Your Foldable Abaya with You? – A Complete Guide

Like other women, Muslim women also travel around the globe for various purposes. However, their dressing style and overall appearance are much different than other women. Foldable Abaya and Hijab are the dresses that most of the Muslim women wear.

Now, there are a ton of ways how these dresses can wear. However, if we talk about carrying a Hijab or any other type of pray address, the story is a lot different. So often, women get confused about how to carry their prayer dress with them.

So, for the ease of Muslim women, we have shared some essential tips on how they can carry their pray dress, such as Foldable Abaya, with them.


1.Pack Less, Wear More

Sounds interesting? Well, it is pretty much a self-explanatory tip. Especially if you are traveling wearing an abaya. It is best to pack minimum clothes while you are out for travel. The abaya Muslim women wear gives them an edge as it fully protects the body.

So, there is not that much need to carry too many clothing items such as shirts, pants or hoodies. However, if your trip is a long one, you may carry a couple of extra abayas and a pair of shoes with you.

Again, it all comes down to the distance of your trip. In general, the less you carry, the easier it becomes for you to travel. The choice is yours.


2.Have Some Extra Hijabs with You on Board

As we discussed, there is not that much need to carry too many clothing items with you. So, in the case of Muslim women wear, there is a lot of room. So, as a Muslim woman, you can carry a couple of foldable Abayas, and you are good to go.

Now, to complement that get-up, you can carry some extra hijabs with you. Just like a travel abaya, a hijab also gives that different look to your overall dressing. Furthermore, you can offer prayer while you are out for travel.

So, if you carry a couple of extra Muslim travel hijabs, you do not have to worry about anything. It gives that unique look and is also perfect for offering a prayer. So, you get both the advantages in this regard.



3.Do Not Forget to Carry a Pair of Sleepers 

No matter how comfortable your shoes are, you cannot offer prayer while they are on. Therefore, it is essential to carry a pair of sleepers with you. You can do complete wudu as sleepers will help you wash your feet with ease.

Furthermore, a pair of good sleepers will also help you get rid of that fatigue caused by wearing a boots pair for all day. So again, carrying sleepers gives you multiple advantages.

Furthermore, one cannot forget the importance of shoes for traveling? Whether you are traveling on a plane or train, a quality pair of shoes makes the whole journey comfortable. So, also have them with you.


4.Research Some Whereabouts of Next Location

Just like Muslim men, Muslim women should also search for some whereabouts of their next destination. Now, this helps a lot when you finally reach there. When you know about the culture of the city, state, or country you are visiting, you can practice your Islamic deeds with ease.

For instance, if you are traveling to a non-Muslim state, you should find out some mosques nearby you're staying area. So, once you know how people live and behave in a certain area, it becomes easy for you to manage your daily routine as a Muslim lady.


5: Ensure Halal Food Availability 

An exceptionally important point for Muslim travelers. Often, you have to travel to certain regions where it is tough to locate halal food providers. So, here is a bonus tip. You must locate at least a couple of halal food points in the state you are about to travel.

In this regard, you can take help from the internet. Furthermore, it is also recommended to request for halal meal option in your chosen airline. As not all international airlines serve halal food.



Benefits of Traveling in Foldable Abaya

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of traveling in a foldable abaya. Let us explore them!

1.You Get That Respect

Many women feel like they get more respect when they travel or move around in abaya. Women deserve respect. We all know that. So, if your Islamic dress gets you some respect, it's not a big deal. 


2.You Stay Confident

When Muslim woman practices their religion at their best, they get that inner peace. Pretty much the same is the case with wearing an abaya while traveling. 

Women feel confident as they get that respect from people around them. In other words, it gives them the confidence to deal with any unwanted situation. 


3.An Extra Layer of Clothing

You can wear nearly any dress under your abaya. So, in simple words, the abaya is basically an extra layer of protection. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy abaya for traveling purposes.



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Final Words

To sum up the discussion, there are definitely several ways to wear a foldable abaya while traveling. We discussed some of the common aspects that women often forget. So, now you know them. Just ensure that you carry all the essentials with you so that you do not miss out any prayer during your journey. When are you planning to buy an abaya for yourself?

Don’t know how to carry foldable abaya while traveling? If yes. we have shared some essential tips on how women can carry their pray dress, such as Foldable Abaya.