Hijab Styles For Different Face Shapes

A hijab is a type of headscarf worn in public by Muslim women. It covers the hair, neck and chest area of the woman wearing it. Hijabs are often seen as a symbol of modesty and privacy for Muslim women who wear them. Women have options when selecting different styles of hijabs that cater to their taste and face shape.

The best thing about hijabs is that they come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you have an oval face, long face, almond face or square face shape, there's a style we can offer for you! At Hidjabaya, we offer various hijabs in different shapes and designs to suit your needs, so look no further!

Different types of hijabs are designed to suit a woman's shape and complexion, and so some may be more appropriate than others for certain people. This article will outline what each type does best and how they differ from other styles that work well on women with different face.


How to choose the best Hijab Styles for Face shapes?

The Hijab is traditionally draped over the head and shoulders to conceal most of the woman's body. The idea is to project a level of modesty. In order for this garment not to interfere with the movement and shape of your body, it needs to be worn in such a way that does not compromise its purpose. Considering your face shape before choosing a hijab can help you make the most flattering style choices.

There are different types of faces that you can use to determine what style is the best for you. This will help you choose a hijab that appropriately enhances your features. As well as deciding on styles according to face shapes would help if you also considered whether the style would work with your hair type. You may want to wear a thin and lightweight scarf if you have super fine hair, as it won't weigh down your locks too much. We offer a variety of Hijabs that will suit your needs, and we have an expert team to help you choose the best style for your face shape.


Different Styles of Hijabs for Round Faces

Moroccan style:

The Moroccan style hijab is one of the most popular styles. It's often worn with a blouse with buttons on it and tucked into flowing pants or skirts. The headscarf typically covers all your hair but leaves some portion of the neck exposed.

Saudi Style Hijab:

This type should be for someone who wants a little more neck coverage, but not too much. The Saudi style hijab is often made up of a thin veil that hangs from either side of your headscarf to just below your chin.

Pashtun Style Hijab:

The Pashtun style hijab is similar to the Moroccan style in that they also have a headscarf that drapes over the woman's head but leaves some of their hair and neck exposed. The difference with this style, however, is that the veil is not tucked into anything. Instead, it sits draped over the tresses or falls loosely over her shoulders. It can also be worn by someone who likes to have long hair, which needs only be tied up in a bun at the back or left down.

Hijab Rope Twist:

In this style, you gather and twist the Hijab cloth around in one place with your hand. You'll need a relatively long Hijab. With your Hijab twisted, you pull it forward, up, and over one shoulder and tie it in the back with a knot on top of your Hijab scarf (or head). Pull the Hijab scarf out from under the front of the knot before tying it.

Hijab Double Bow Knot:

This Hijab is more cute than practical because two bows are visible from the ends. However, it's a style that some people wear for special occasions or due to personal preference.

Hijab with crochet:

This is perfect for round faces since it will help elongate your face by having the Hijab come out from both the front and the back of your head. You can also get creative and add some crochet or beads to the Hijab to make it more customized to you! You can also have a Henna tattoo done and have it on your Hijab as well!


A-Line Hijab:

A-line hijab is designed to be wrapped around the head in an upside-down V, or like ski goggles with one strap on each end of your head and the fabric set across your forehead. This style will help elongate round faces because it does not cover the features and creates a more oval shape. This is the best style for round faces that are both fashionable and modest.

Twist Hijab:

The twist hijab is an adjustable wraparound that goes around your head with two panels on each end twisted together like a braid. The Hijab can be adjusted to your desired height. Hijab wearing styles for round faces will allow you to be modest and stylish while still showing off your beautiful round face. Some round face hijabs are harder to wear than others; there are plenty of styles that will work perfectly with the shape and contours of your face! To find a hijab that will work for you, contact Hijabaya at Info@Hidjabaya.com.

Different Styles of Hijabs for Long Faces

When it comes to Hijab styles, everyone has their tastes and preferences. Hijabs are so diverse these days that they have different shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Hijabs can be adequately draped on the head and face. For people with long faces, popular and well-known styles of hijabs include:


Full Hijab:

The full Hijab is a Hijab that covers the head and all of the hair. There are many different ways to wear this Hijab; for example, you can tie it on your chest or drape it over your shoulders to suit up with some extra fabric to not look like a Hijab. This Hijab is perfect for women with shorter hair and any face shape that has a long neckline because it covers up the whole head, including the chin area, which can sometimes be neglected when wearing Hijabs.


Half Hijab:

Women often wear half Hijabs with long faces because they are easier to manage and don't necessarily involve the square scarf to give that full effect. The more lightweight fabrics used with Half Hijabs make them cool enough to wear during the summer as well, and they provide a neat look for those who don't want to wear Hijabs that cover their face.
The Half Hijab will drape down the front of your face and is perfect for those with wider faces because it accentuates your features more than a full Hijab would.

Hijab Scarf Style:

Hijab Scarves are one of the most popular styles in the Hijab industry. They are lightweight fabric, making it the best fabric for those with long faces because this versatile Hijab is easy to style and can be worn with almost any outfit. The material used in hijabs is also great for the summer months because its lightweight quality makes it perfect to wear on hot days. It's also cheap and affordable, so you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on just one piece of clothing.

Another important thing about Hijabs Scarves Style is that there's no need to put Hijab pins to keep it from slipping or sliding off; Hijabs Scarves Style is fitted and can be secured by a pin on the inside of your Hijabs.

Women with long faces should consider wearing Hijabs that create curves around their frames rather than accentuate them because they already have elongated features. To learn about the different hijabs that are available, check out this guide to see which hijabs work best, given your face shape.



We got the best styles for wearing hijab on an oval face shape.

Women with oval-shaped faces can wear a hijab that provides partial or complete coverage. Here are the most popular styles for this face type.


Simple Hijab:

Hijabs worn in the front and loosely wrapped over the head like a scarf can work very well on oval face shapes. A square or rectangular hijab is perfect for creating this look. Just make sure to adjust it properly by wrapping it around your forehead, ears, and chin area before tying it under your neck.


Hijab Turban:

Another style for oval face shapes is the turban look. Scarves can be wrapped and folded around the head to create this stylish look that will provide coverage all around the face. You may want to follow a pattern when folding your hijab, but it's not a requirement.


Hijab Hat:

Hats that have a short back and longer sides can work well on oval face shapes. They can be styled with rectangular and square scarves to provide coverage around the whole face, or they can just be tied under the chin so that your forehead and ears are exposed, which is also an excellent look for oval face shapes.


Hijab Half-Updo:

If you want to wear your hijab in an up-style, try separating it into two parts so that the back and front can be worn on either side of your head. This style will provide complete coverage around your face and a funky twist to the traditional hijab look.

There are many different styles for women with oval face shapes to wear a hijab. The only thing that will be affected is the look of your hijab, not how it's worn. Remember these tips, and you can't go wrong!


What are the best styles of hijabs for an almond-shaped face?

People with narrow faces usually opt for hijabs that blend seamlessly into the face starting from a broader forehead and broadening towards the cheekbones. Such delicate hijabs typically have a soft draping around the temples. Almond-shaped faces are usually narrower toward the forehead and wider towards the cheekbones. This requires a different type of hijab.

Hijabs that work best for this face shape are hijabs that add width to the forehead and cheekbones while delicately hugging the contours of the narrowest part of the face – the chin. Keep in mind that you don't want a hijab that is too wide or heavy because it will only cut off your beautiful facial features.

The hijab should have a gentle drape around the face without drawing too much attention.

  • The first type of hijab for an almond face shape is a broader hijab that delicately hugs the contours of the face. It starts from a broader forehead that catches onto the cheekbones. This type of hijab is very versatile and can be worn both ways.
  • The second style of hijab for an almond face shape adds width to the forehead and cheekbones while delicately hugging the chin area on your face. This type of hijab should not be too broad or heavy because it will only cut off your beautiful facial features.
  • The third type of hijab that works best for an almond face shape is a long raglan style that matches the shape of your chin. The raglan style can be worn without folding or rolling it. It should only catch onto the front part of your cheekbones, which will prevent it from looking too broad on you.

The above Hijab styles for almond faces will help you find a style that enhances your natural features and is more flattering to your face shape.


Tips on How to Wear Sunglasses With Hijab

Hijab has become a fashion trend that is catching up with many Muslim women. They do cover not only their hair but also their neck and face. This Hijab requires wearing sunglasses of a specific type depending on the shape of your face.
Sunglasses have always been considered fashionable accessories by many people, and they go well with different outfits as long as it has a specific shape. Hijab styles cover face sunglasses are available in many shapes and colors.


Large face shape:

The most important consideration for this type of face is that the sunglasses should not be too wide. They should have a frame width over 140mm or 145mm. You can select from many styles, including round, square and cat-eye frames. Sunglasses with slim arms are also recommended because they will make your extensive features look less significant.


Round face shape:

For this type of face, it is essential to wear sunglasses with a squared frame as they will balance your features and make them appear more proportional. You can also consider wearing glasses in the same style but slightly smaller because you need to avoid making the roundness seem even more significant than it already is. Square or rectangle frames are also recommended.


Diamond face shape:

This type of face is considered the most elegant and attractive because all your features will blend well with a round or oval sunglasses frame. It is important not to wear too large glasses as it may make you look more round, so try looking for frames with about the same width as your face.


Triangle shape:

This is the least attractive type of face, and you need to avoid wearing sunglasses if possible, but there are some cases when it's unavoidable. You should wear glasses with arms that sit above the ears, so they do not create more angles on your already angular features, so try looking for frames with a little bit of curve or shape on the sides. In conclusion, the hijab style is not just about the hair but also about wearing sunglasses. It's important to consider your face shape when choosing and buying a pair of glasses with arms covering your head's top part.



Wearing a hijab can be challenging for many women, but some styles work well with different face shapes. If you're wearing sunglasses, it's essential to consider your chin and forehead shape when choosing frames, so they don't worsen the problem. The most important thing to remember is that Hijab should not be difficult for you. It's your way of life and something beautiful about yourself!
There are many hijab styles available, but it's essential to understand how they differ depending on your face shape. Contact us at Info@Hidjabaya.com if you want to know more about Hijab.