Hijab Hat Styles: The Latest Trends

Hijabs have grown in popularity so much over the last few years that it is hard to keep up with trends. How do you know which ones are worth investing your money and time in? What should you be looking for when considering different styles? This article will give you an overview of some of the latest hat styles for hijabs and tips on finding a style that suits your needs.

You need to keep in mind the purpose of your hijab and what kind of look or style you are going for. If you want a stylish hijab hat with a lot of variety, then check out some long hijabs. Longer headscarves might not always be practical if they drag on the ground when worn, but you can always make them shorter if necessary. If you want something that will be easy to put on, headscarves with stretchy fabric are good choices. The traditional hijab style is still in demand, as it is classy and versatile – perfect for any occasion!

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How do you wear a hijab with a hat?

The best way to wear a hijab with a hat is to make sure the hair under the cap has been securely pinned back at least 6 inches before placing it on the hat. If you have long enough hair, you can weave your ponytail in and out of an opening left on the edge of your scarf for this purpose.

The hijab should be thread through the headband that accompanies the sideband and then positioned across your forehead and ears to cover any hair from showing.

There are many ways to wear a hijab with a hat. One example is, you can cut an opening in the headband of your hijab for your ponytail or twist and wrap the fabric around your hair before placing it on top of your head like a regular beanie.

Many women like to wear caps of different designs that are commonly used in other countries, such as tuques and berets. If you want your hijab to look more fitted, then place it under a hatband or use an opening on the side for this purpose. Make sure all hair is tucked securely away under the scarf before putting the hat on your head.


Styles of Hijab Hats

The best type of hijab for your head shape can vary. For example, if you have a rounder face or more angular facial features, it's best to try one of the many full head scarves that cover your entire hair and neck all at once. If you have a rounder head shape, that would be better suited with the large triangular hijab.

There are many different styles of hijab available on Hijabaya and a variety of ways to tie it. With these options, you can find the style that best compliments your physical features.

Below are eight hat styles that can be worn over Hijabs.

The Pashmina Style:

A Pashmina Hijab enables a blend of classy, trendy and modest style in one.

This is an excellent Hijabs Hats for beginners and is worn with the ends wrapped twice around your head, tucked in at the back with elastic. The Pashmina Hijab Hats style has a lot of versatility as you can wear them in different ways, so they are perfect for women who want to quickly wrap up their hair when they need to without fussing with pins and clips.

The Full Head Style:

This hijab covers your entire head, so it keeps you warm during winter and cools in summer. It is worn by wrapping once around the neck then over one shoulder, which can be pinned to hold on securely and has an option of wearing with a thin elastic band instead of pins.

The full head hijab is best for the rounder face shape and size women because it covers up the entire hair rather than just half or one side of her hair, which can be seen from behind. The full head hijab hides your extra weight at the waist area, so it's an excellent choice for overweight women; that's why it's also known as a great plus size hijab.

The Kufi Style:

This hijab is worn over one shoulder and tied at the back of your head in a knot. It's best to pair with jeans or other casual outfits as they are more sporty than formal, but you can wear them for special occasions too!

The kufi hat hijab style is best for women with a long face shape because it gives them an oval look. This type of hijab is also called a casual hijab, so you can wear it on weekends with jeans or other casual outfits as they are more sporty than formal, but you can also wear them for special occasions!

The Triangle Style:

The triangle hijab is a long, narrow piece of fabric draped down on either side of the face. It can be pinned at both sides to hold in place when worn correctly, but many women choose to wear this style with an elastic band instead for easier and faster application.

The plus-size women love wearing triangle hijab because it covers the cheeks and neckline but still allows them to have a glimpse of their outfits underneath. This hijab is also popular with women who want to wear makeup under their scarf as they won't be fully covered from behind.


The Turban Style:

This hijab is tied at the back in a knot and then wrapped around your head to cover it completely. They are very comfortable for women who have difficulty tying other hijab styles because they allow you to adjust them as needed, so they fit perfectly every time instead of making sure ends are even.

The turban hijab is also the best choice for plus size women because it covers all of your hair and hides any extra weight at the waist area. It's great if you need to go out in public quickly as you don't have to worry much about tying up your scarf correctly, just put on this turban style, and off you go!

The Shawl Style:

This hijab is a rectangular scarf folded in half and worn around the head with one end hanging down your back. It's very versatile because you can wear it over any outfit or use it to cover your hair when inside buildings like mosques or churches, for example, and protect yourself from dust while outside.


The Infinity Hijab Style:

This hijab is a large loop of fabric that ties at the back in a knot. It has no beginning or end, which means it can be worn multiple ways, including an infinity scarf and tied around your head for wear during activities like sports because you don't have to worry about losing them when moving quickly or having your head tugged at by other players.

The Cap Hijab Style:

The cap hijab is a tiny head covering that can be worn as an everyday piece or even during sports activities like soccer, football etc.

The Muslim women who have short hair find this hijab very useful because it covers all of your hair and doesn't require you to pin one side over the other for them to hold in place.

It's also great for women who want to wear makeup underneath their hijab because it doesn't cover your forehead and eyes entirely unlike the other styles, so you have some exposure to that area which allows you to apply makeup as necessary.

How to find the right style for you?

There are many different hijab styles to choose from. Finding the right type is essential because some styles will look better on you than others and help you feel more confident in your appearance. When selecting a style, first think about what features you like or dislike about your face (e.g. round vs. angular).

Once you have decided upon a general type of hairstyle, you can start shopping for a headscarf that would suit it best.

Listed below are some common types of hats and their respective hijab styles:

Bobby pin hijab:

This style is most suitable for shorter hair. For this style, the hijab must be straight and super-tight on your head to prevent it from slipping off during prayer or other activities.

Once you have a collection of hijabs with different colors and fabrics in hand, try them out at home before going out wearing one. This will help you decide which one works best for you.


Headband hijab:

As the name suggests, this hijab is worn with a headband. It has become trendy among younger girls because it requires no pins and can be easily removed when they wash their hair.

This type of hijab looks good on all face shapes except for narrow ones (e.g. heart-shaped or oval). Those blessed with a natural hijab line that falls right around their cheekbones should give this style a try.

The headband is placed directly on the forehead and serves as an anchor for the scarf to sit properly above it. This type of hijab keeps you cool during hot summer days, making it suitable even for those who have thick hair because they would not be able to tie a regular hijab that tightly.

Asymmetric scarf hijab:

This type of hijab is good for those who want to wear a hat that will not slip off during exercise but does not have the time or patience to tie it properly.

This style also looks best on round faces because an asymmetric scarf would highlight any angularity in your face.


The scarf around hat style:

This hijab style helps you stay warm on a cold day and is perfect for narrow faces because it will make your features look wider.

This type of hijab should be worn with wide-brimmed hats like cowgirls wear to keep their faces from getting burnt by the sun or freezing in wintertime. However, this is not a good style for those with a very narrow face because it will make their features look even thinner.

To prevent your hijab from slipping off during prayer, you should adjust the fit of your scarf accordingly before going out in public with this type of hat on. Otherwise, it might fall off and need washing before wearing again, which is not very hygienic.

Headscarf wrap hijab with headwrap:

This hijab style is similar to the one above, but it protects from wind and cold weather. For this type of hijab, you would need a larger scarf that can cover your head correctly when being worn on its own. The difference between this hijab and the asymmetric scarf lies in what comes first - the hijab or the headwrap.

The way to wear this type of hijab is by first placing your head scarf around your hairline and over one ear, then wrapping it all up in a turban-style fashion until you have reached your desired fit. The scarf should be long enough that at least its ends are still hanging down after your headwrap is in place.

Now that you know more about the different hijab hat styles choose one and try it out! This way, you will find your perfect look and enjoy wearing hijabs in public as much as possible.


Hijab hat styles have evolved a lot over the years and continue to do so as time goes by, which is why it pays off to keep up with these changes for our hijabs to look good and convenient for us when wearing them daily.

Hijabs are versatile and can be styled in various ways to suit one's hair length, face shape, or outfit. The hijab hat styles listed above should help you find the perfect style for your needs. Remember that when wearing a hijab with a turban-style headwrap, it is important to adjust the fit of the scarf accordingly before going out in public so as not to have it fall off during prayer time. If all this sounds too complex for you and you need some assistance from an expert, you can always contact us. We will be more than happy to help you find your perfect hijab style.