Hijab Care Tips: How To Keep Your Hijab Looking New

Hijab care is important if you want to keep your hijab looking nice. But, how do you take care of your hijab? One of the most important things you can do to keep your hijab looking new and beautiful is to take good care of it!


Many different tips can help you get the most out of your hijab and make it last longer. Read more about these 9 tips to maintain a new look on your hijab!



How To Take Care Of Your Hijab?

Hijab care is important because it is worn for spiritual reasons. However, you need to know how to take care of your hijab in order to get the most out of it.

One of the easiest ways to take care of your hijab is by making sure there are no loose threads on the garment. Make sure that if your hijabs are wearing through that, you replace them with new ones. Also, make sure that when you store your hijab, you put it in a cool dark place like a cupboard or even a drawer. Make sure not to hold it in direct sunlight. Last but not least, keep the edges of your hijab clean, so they don't get damaged!



9 Tips for Keeping Your Hijab Looking New

  1.  Keep your hijab clean! Hand wash it in the sink with cold water and mild soap, then rinse it out in cold water. Use vinegar to reduce static cling. Hang your hijab up to dry after you've washed it.

  2. Store your hijab properly! Be sure to fold your hijabs instead of rolling them up or bunching them together in a drawer. Hang them in the closet, or go one step further and put them in a garment bag made explicitly for storing items like this—it'll keep dust off of them and make sure they stay wrinkle-free.

  3. Don't forget about your hijab's accessories! Consider buying some hijab pins that are bespoke designed for hijabs so that you don't ruin your hijab by using pins that weren't designed for hijabs or might be too sharp. Don't forget to pin the back of the neck! Pins like this come in various colors and sizes, so you can match them with any outfit (or avoid matching them if you want).Hijab clips are another great accessory. They are less likely to cause creases in your hijab, they won't poke you through the fabric if they're too sharp, and many of them come with pretty patterns! These even have little heart-shaped gems on them that shimmer when light hits them just right.

  4. Treat stains! If you have a stain on your hijab, don't just assume that it's permanent. Mix some dish soap with water in the palm of your hand to form a paste-like consistency, then rub it into the stained area until you get rid of all of the oils and smells from whatever dirt or food got onto there.

  5. Wear a hijab cap underneath your scarf! This will help to absorb sweat, keep your hair in place if it's too short for the length of your hijab, and prevent static cling. If you have long hair or bangs that are visible when you wear your hijab without any additional coverage on top of it, consider using something like this sheer nylon cap underneath your hijab so that no one can see how short your hair is. These caps are also great for protecting your skin from the harsh winds of winter or summer—remember to pin it securely under the scarf, not on top! Otherwise, you could end up with an uncomfortable crease in the fabric over time (and who wants that?).

  6. Keep your hijab out of the sun when you can! Excessive exposure to sunlight will fade your scarf over time, so keep it in the shade whenever possible. If that's not an option for you (for example, if you're walking outside), place a hat or another type of covering on top of your scarf instead, to help prevent fading.

  7. Fill out your hijab! If you're a little on the thin side, try using some lightweight interfacing to fill up any empty spots between the back of your neck and wear your hijab starts. This will make it look as if you have more hair than you do under there, which is excellent for those days when you want an extra-round hijab look. You can also use cotton padding to form an even rounder shape—it's sort of like having a halo under your hijab, and it might be great for making you feel more confident on days when you don't have much hair; underneath that scarf!

  8. Wear your hijab with confidence! This is possibly the essential part of keeping it looking new because if you're not confident about what you're wearing underneath that scarf, people will notice. When you look good and feel good in whatever clothing choices you make (and whichever style of hijab), then others are bound to take note, too—so put on your favorite outfit and go out there and make a lasting impression!

  9. Don't put on dark clothing under light-colored scarves, or vice versa—you won't be able to see the beautiful colors underneath as quickly if you do. Also, avoid wearing stripes with busy patterns (like gingham print) because it will give an illusion of blurred lines (which is not the look you want to go for).








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