Choosing the Right Hijab for Prom

Prom is a big step in any young girl's life. They are about to enter adulthood, and it is the last time they will be seen as a child before taking on their new role. Prom provides an opportunity for girls to celebrate their femininity with extravagant dresses, makeup and hairstyles, which may not be available at other times of the year. However, one thing that often goes overlooked when deciding what to wear for prom is whether or not you should wear a hijab. This decision can be difficult for some people because they worry about finding the style or color of hijab that matches their dress, but Hidjabaya has to offer plenty of options.

There's no wrong answer if you want to decide whether or not you want to wear a hijab for prom. If you feel comfortable wearing your headscarf, then that's great, and if not, don't worry! We have plenty of other hijabs to match with whatever dress or hairstyle you choose on the big day.

This article will discuss hijab styles for prom that work well for any body type or style. With these tips, you'll be able to find the perfect hijab combination in no time at all.

Steps to Get the Look

Hijab styles for prom vary based on body type and personal preference. You can choose any hijab style you like as long as it compliments your dress, makeup, hair, and personality! Here are some tips that may help get you started:

  • For girls with larger busts or broader hips, make sure to choose a hijab style that covers your chest and stomach area.

  • For girls with smaller busts or narrower hips, try wearing an outfit with heavier fabric near the bottom so you can wear just about any hijab!

  • If you are going for the classic look (for example, if you're wearing a ball gown), choose a hijab style that is not too busy- for instance, you might want to opt for something with thinner fabric and just one color.

  • If you're feeling adventurous or are going for an edgier look (for example, if your dress has lots of sparkles), try pairing it with bolder hijab like ones covered in sequins or lace.

  • If you're planning on wearing an up-do, choose a hijab style that coordinates with your hair and be sure not to cover it!

Whatever the case may be, don't forget to have fun when choosing your hijabs for prom night—you'll feel like a million bucks in whatever outfit you decide on!


15 Prom Outfit Ideas with Hijab


At prom, you get to dress up in fancy clothes. We have some ideas about what kind of hijab will suit your outfit and personality best to look perfect for the event!


Short Dress:

A short dress and hijab are worn on top of the hair in an exquisite and chic style. Hijab styles such as the asymmetric hijab are great for this sort of look! You'll want to pick a hijab that is the same color as your dress or darker.

Long Dress:

A long, flowing gown with a matching hijab worn on top of the head can look stunning! It might be a good idea to wrap some hair around your forehead for extra coverage if you plan on wearing this type of outfit. You can also choose to have the hijab clip into your hair.

With Curly Hair:

If you want a more casual look, try wearing the headscarf under your curls! It will give you an effortless and sporty vibe that is perfect for the night. We love how this little black hijab looks against all of those beautiful ringlets.

Short Dress with Slit in Hijab:

A short dress with a slit at the front, under which you can wear your hijab. This is great for those who want to show off their pretty outfit while still adhering to religious standards! We love the netted hijab in this look.

Long Dress with a High Neckline:

If you don't want to show much skin or prefer something more modest for prom night, try pairing your long gown with a high neckline and matching hijab. This looks very elegant and is sure to give off that princess vibe! You will love the look of the headscarf in this style.

Punjabi Style outfit:

An Indian outfit follows traditional clothes and jewelry. This is an ideal dress and hijab combo for girls looking to have a fun night out with friends! The best part of this outfit is the matching hijab which enhances your beauty and looks superb! The hijab is made of chiffon and has a ruffle around it.

Dresses with Ruche Hijab:

A dress with many layers of ruffles on it can be paired well with an embellished hijab which will accentuate your look spectacularly! This looks fabulous, especially if you are looking for an elegant hijab for prom night.

Half Saree with Hijab:

A half sari is perfect for a gorgeous Indian inspired look that's both modest and stunning. The hijab in this look has a beautifully embroidered trim and is worn over just the hair on one side of the head.

Long Saree with a Deep Neckline:

If you want to take your look in another direction, try wearing a long saree and hijab. This is perfect for those who are looking for something more traditional that still adheres to religious standards. You can choose any of our headscarves for this style! Just make sure the neckline isn't too low.

Short Saree with Hijab pinned at the Back of Hair:

If you are more conservative, try wearing a short saree and hijab in this fashion! You'll want to choose a headscarf that is longer than your hair, so it covers up most of your scalp! This look could be great for those looking to do something a little more modest but still want it to be appropriate and stylish.

A-line Dress:

A dress with a hijab worn over the hair, pinned at one side, draped around her neck and tied with a bow at the front.

Long-Sleeved Gown:

Long-sleeved gowns are one of the popular styles that are trending in the fashion industry. You can choose any color you want for these outfits, and they are often designed with a few embellishments at the neckline or sleeves. A long dress with a hijab underneath is also another standard style that is trending these days.

Strapless Dress:

If you're looking to go strapless, try wearing the hijab over your hair in a variety of ways! You can also wrap your hair around your head and fasten it at the back or tie it into a bun. This will make sure all of that beautiful hair is tucked away!

Half Saree with Pants:

If you want to show off your gorgeous body in a more conservative manner, try pairing a long saree with a hijab that is pinned at the left side of your head over the hair. This style comes with bangles and rings on your hands, as well as an ornamental chain wrapped around the neck.

Dress Down to the Knee:

The most important thing to remember when dressing down is to make sure that your clothes are not too tight. You should wear loose-fitting clothing, if nothing else. Loose-fitting clothing can look more comfortable, and you'll avoid feeling self-conscious about the way your clothes fit. There are many different ways to dress down, from long skirts with modest tops to sweaters over jeans or even sweatpants for a more casual day.


Tips on How to Choose the Best Hijab Styles for Prom

Prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity and should be accompanied by an unforgettable experience. Many girls get discouraged because they don't have enough hijab options, or their favorite styles aren't available in hijab form! After all, it's a special night where you should feel beautiful and express yourself through your hijab.

The key to wearing hijabs for this big event is all about finding one that compliments your dress, as well as mixing it up! So here's what you can do:

  • Wear a hijab with varying styles of the dress (strapless, strappy back, halter top).

  • Layer more than one hijab for added volume and texture.

  • Try wearing a matching hijab with shoes or a purse!

  • An opaque headscarf in dark shades is the best option to pair with a black dress.

  • Don't forget about makeup- it is an important part of the look too! Match your hijab with your eye shadow or lipstick for a subtle touch.

  • You can also mix things up by adding jewelry to the hijab. A headscarf is an excellent place for statement necklaces, and you always have the option of wearing your hair down or in an up-do with a sparkly clip!

    How to find the right hijab for you?

    The first thing to consider when choosing a hijab is the length of your dress. To figure out what length scarf you need, measure from your shoulder and stop at the halfway point on your hip or where the chest area of the clothes will be (if you're not wearing a dress).

    It's important to consider how modest you want your outfit to be. Western cultures show much more skin than Eastern ones, so typically wear a longer hijab to cover the chest and shoulders. If you choose a long hijab, it is most common to have volume in your scarf for added flair!

    What color hijab should I wear?

    It's important to remember that the colors you choose for your prom outfit will most likely be reflected in your hijab. This is because the hijab will be worn for hours, and you don't want to be uncomfortable or have your outfit clash with it.

    The rule is that dark colors generally go well with darker hijab styles and light colors are better for lighter hijabs.

    This doesn't mean you can't wear whatever color or style of hijab! There are always exceptions to the rules, but it's best not to take chances when picking out an outfit. Instead, pick something similar for your headscarf, and you'll be sure to look your best! You can choose between different types of scarves and wraps that are available in Hidjabaya.

    • If you are wearing a bright pink dress with spaghetti straps and floral embellishments, try choosing an emerald green hijab.
    • If you want more of a statement piece when it comes to your hijab, you could try a black or white headscarf with colorful embellishments.
    • If you are wearing a dress with sultry straps and dark detailing, try choosing an orange hijab.
    • Prom-Going Hijabi styles are endless and can be paired with coordinating hijabs. If you're wearing your straps in different colors, such as red or blue, match two hijabs to the strap color! Wear them both at once across your shoulder to create a vibrant look.
    • You should also consider the texture of your hijab, as this can add another dimension to your outfit! Try choosing an embroidered or sequined hijab if you want more sparkle on your head. You could select a printed scarf or wrap for a unique pattern and color scheme that makes it stand out from the rest.
    • If you wish to choose an understated style, go for hijabs with thin or flat embellishments instead of significant and dramatic additions.
    • Deciding the color of your hijab takes some consideration but isn't too difficult.
    • If wearing something more traditional such as an abaya and kaftan, it's best practice to cover your hair somehow! You could try adding a scarf with thinner ends that drape down the back of your outfit instead of over the top of your head.


      Choosing the right hijab for prom is an important decision. You'll want to consider what colors and lengths work best with your dress, how modest you would like to be, and finally, what type of style you are looking for. The perfect outfit will have a color scheme that matches both your garment and the headscarf or hijab, so it doesn't clash when worn together.

      We hope these tips will help make this decision easier so that you can enjoy all the other aspects of prom night without worry. If not, feel free to contact us anytime. We're here to help find solutions for any questions or concerns!