All You Need To Know About Pattern Hijabs


Patterned hijab styles reflect simplicity and elegance. However, carrying a hijab in the summers can be a daunting task. You may face excessive dandruff or even scalp irritation after prolonged usage.
This is why choosing a hijab that suits you well is essential. You not only need the right color but choosing the right material is paramount as well. Patterned hijabs stand out because they look glamorous and are available in almost all fabrics. 



Patterned Hijabs- Why do They Stand Out?

If you want to appear fresh and modern the next time you go out, you should get a couple of patterned hijabs for yourself. They not only look attractive because of their elegant and incredible colors, but they are also available in every hijab store in the world. Whether you choose the simple, floral designs or the bright multicolored option, patterned hijabs never look bad. 

Printed vs. Solid Hijabs- Which Looks Better:

This is yet another commonly asked question that we will address right now. Muslim women get confused when it comes to solid vs printed hijabs. There is no objectively better style and you can wear one that you most like. However, different styles suit different occasions. Let us try to untangle the mystery here.

If you are used to wearing hijabs every day, it is important you mix and matches different styles. Wearing the same style can get quite monotonous and boring. There are plenty of colors and textures of hijabs with solid prints that go well with any outfit. On the other hand, printed hijabs add a fun vibe to every outfit. Here is how to determine the right option for you.



Printed Hijabs- Add a Fun Element to Your Outfit:

Printed hijabs stand out because they appear unique and modern in their styles. They are diverse and can be paired with just about any outfit. Moreover, there are large and short patterns that you can choose according to your preference. Furthermore, there are also many subtle and small prints that not only make your face look sleek but also add depth and mystery to your personality.

So the next time you are in for a fun night out, a printed hijab is what you need.

Solid Color Hijabs- Elegance Meets Style:

Solid colors have existed for as long as hijabs have. These are available in almost all bold and bright colors. You can complete your look with a bright yellow or green hijab or you can stand out in the crowd by choosing a bold color like blue or red. 

Pastel colors and shades are the most elegant and classy. And you can always wear them with a skirt or a gown. Neutral colors on the other hand add a highly exquisite vibe to your look and make you appear appealing and stylish amongst a crowd.



Choose the right fabric:


Comfortable and equally charming, chiffon hijab styles are the talk of the town these days. They are available in almost all colors and patterns and look gorgeous as party and office wear. But before we delve into the mesmerizing chiffon hijab styles. Let us first assess the qualities of the fabric and what makes it stand out in the crowd.


For starters, chiffon is made from a mixture of cotton, silk, and synthetic fabric and thus enjoys the properties of many different materials. It is also flowy and light thus making it comfortable and suitable for summers and other seasons, but more on that later. 

The fabric is also revered because of its gauze-like nature that allows for a sheer floating appeal. When worn, it looks shimmery, like tissue paper. More importantly, chiffon is also fairly easy to layer. You can hence try out all your favorite styles with a chiffon hijab. 

It is also worth remembering that silk chiffon has a relatively greater shimmer as compared to cotton chiffon so choose accordingly.

Chiffon also has a nice shimmer and glaze to it which looks appealing to the onlookers. You can wear a chiffon hijab at a wedding or an office party. It also makes for a great everyday option. 


But before making the final decision, you should be aware of the cons associated with the fabric too. Chiffon frays easily. Even though it has very strong threads, they can easily snag when twisted tightly. Moreover, chiffon hijabs also lose their shape over time. They may sag over time. However, nylon and polyester chiffon offer better retention as compared to silk chiffon. 




Jersey hijabs are almost always trending in the western regions like Canada and America, but now more than ever. It is a much-loved fabric among Muslim women who like to go out now and then. It is stretchable, comfortable, and easily worn. There are two main types of jersey patterned hijabs. The standard jersey offers a single knit and appears smoother on one side than the other. On the other hand, is the double knit jersey hijab that offers a smooth appearance on both sides. 

If you don't have a jersey hijab, here is why you should make space for them in your wardrobe.


The best advantage of wearing a jersey hijab is that you don't need any pins. It can stay in its place on its own. Due to its knitted structure, the jersey hijab is stretchable and can be easily layered. It is also very soft and smooth to the touch and will always feel comfortable to the wearer. More importantly, it is opaque and doesn't let light through. This makes it perfect for any kind of season. 

Muslim women also hate when they have to wear a non-absorbent or non-breathable fabric for longer duration. This is where jersey hijabs win. They absorb your sweat and their mesh structure enhances breathability. Lastly, jerseys offer a good drape thus making them one of the best-patterned hijabs in the market. 


There are two main disadvantages of jersey fabric. First, jersey hijabs are slightly more expensive than other fabrics. Secondly, these hijabs make you sweat and are not ideal for very hot regions. 


Polyester is yet another fabulous fabric when it comes to hijab. It offers excellent shape characteristics. They can also be used for a relatively long time after a single wash. On top of that, polyester is also quite inexpensive and is hence easy to afford. Here is why you should consider a patterned polyester fabric for your hijab.


Polyester is flexible, durable, corrosion-resistant, and insulating. Every good feature that you can think of can be associated with polyester in one way or the other. There are a variety of polyester fabrics and you can use them in combination with other fabric types like georgette. You can choose to wear pure polyester fabric or one that combines a range of different fabrics.

One of the best things about polyester is that it ensures good flexibility. The elasticity matches that of wool. You can hence stretch polyester fabric to around 5 to 6%. Moreover, the wrinkle resistance is also superior to other materials. 

The material also boasts good heat resistance and thermoplasticity. On top of that, it offers better light and chemical resistance. 

Muslim hijabi women also hate ironing their hijabs every single time. This is why they will love polyester hijabs. It does not require ironing.


Polyester offers poor dyeability and may not retain its original color for a long time. It also lacks sweat absorbance and may not be suitable for hot weather. Moreover, the fabric is not recommended for long-term use.

Here is an easy guide to help you choose the perfect hijab.




Muslim women, like other women, love to go out to weddings, parties, and formal events. There is no other fabric better suited to these events than silk fabrics. Silk is not only an extremely attractive fabric but also looks very appealing and shiny.

They are available in a diverse range of colors and patterns and go well with both casual and formal attires. Muslim women wear silk patterned hijabs with their abayas as well as their gowns and skirts. Here is everything you need to know about the fabric.


Silk is known to be one of the most stretchable materials out there and offers unmatched flexibility. You can thus layer the fabric any way you want. Another advantage of silk is that it has a nice and subtle shimmer to it which makes it perfect for formal events. Many bridal hijabs are also made from silk. So the next time you want to appear modest but also wear something that makes you part of the crowd, choose a nice patterned silk hijab.


Most people avoid buying many silk hijabs because they are expensive. Moreover, they also lack wear and tear and may not last as long as their counterparts.

The Right Fabric for the Right Season:

Best Fabrics for Summer Season

If you live in a country that's hot most of the year, you need a plethora of suitable hijabs. Cotton and jersey hijabs are recommended for the moderate to the high summer season. Here is why.

Cotton is one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics out there. It has a soft texture that you can wear on a casual dinner. Moreover, cotton hijabs are also practical and very efficient. They can be ironed quickly and layered properly. On top of that, they are soft and thus don't cause any allergic reactions on the skin.

Jersey hijabs are commonly associated with the winter season, but they can also be worn in the summers. They have a more professional and elegant vibe to them. They also give some volume and depth to your head and thus make for a great choice. Jersey patterned hijabs are also flexible and can stay on the head for longer durations. They also don't require any pins for layering. So if you want to enjoy comfort without compromising on your superior style, jersey hijab is the one you need.



Best fabric for the winter season

Chiffon is undoubtedly the best and most sophisticated fabric for the winter season. It is closely followed by Georgette and wool. The reason it takes precedence over other fabrics is that chiffon is comfortable, soft, and stretchable. Moreover, it absorbs a lot of heat thus keeping the individual warm during winters. Chiffon hijabs can also be topped with beautiful hats and headbands.

Because of their shimmery appeal, chiffon hijabs also make for a great fashion choice.

Best fabric for spring

Spring season in most countries is marked by exquisite and breathtaking colors. It is a time of pure bliss and one where almost everyone is happy. The season thus demands beautiful and bright hijab patterns that stand out. For spring-summer weather, you can go for cotton and jersey hijabs. This is because these fabrics soak sweat and thus allow for greater air penetration. They also offer greater breathability thus making them great for the spring season.

Best fabric for fall

This is a beautiful time of the year where the transition from summers to winters happens. It is the time when people go out with their friends and families and bid farewell to the scorching heat of the sun. hijabi women love this time because there are no restrictions in terms of fabric. The season is suitable for all kinds of fabrics. 

So if you want to enjoy the fall season to the maximum, we suggest you take out all your summer and winter hijabs from your storage and display them in your wardrobe. 



How to Make the Best Choice:

Whether you choose a solid or a patterned hijab, the right kind of fabric is essential for a comfortable day outdoors. For summers, you should prefer lighter colored cotton or jersey hijabs whereas, for winters, you should go for chiffon and Georgette. During the transition seasons, you can wear whatever your heart desires.

Even with every piece of information available, it can still be a difficult thing to choose one fabric over the other, but you shouldn't fret too much about it. You are breaking societal norms by wearing a hijab, you can also break seasonal norms and wear a hijab of your choosing, regardless of the fabric.