15 Hijabi Tips For Plus Sized Muslimahs

Size doesn't matter, and it shouldn't unless it matters to you. As a plus-sized Muslimah, you might often feel the need to look slim or sleek among your friends. The pressure can be high, but so should be your confidence.

Living a healthy and safe life is important and you should try to lose weight for health purposes. However, that is not to say that you should allow anyone to shame or ridicule you for not being the 'right size'. You are beautiful and that is all that's important.

Having said that, Muslim Hijabis who are chubby and have a curvy body often face challenges. Like everyone else on the planet, they also want to appear stylish, elegant, and sleek. But achieving that look can be a difficult task, this is where this article comes in. 

Three main areas need your attention. For starters, you should realize that the clothes you wear and the colors you choose can make all the difference in the world. Many plus-sized Hijabis make the cardinal mistake of wearing tight-fitted jeans or tight abayas in a bid to look slimmer. But that does more harm than good. The type of clothes you wear will not only help attract attention to the right places and will not highlight the size of your chest or butt but more on that later.



The second area that needs attention is makeup. Makeup, as you all know, can do wonders. From completely transforming your face to highlighting the right features, makeup can do it all. Hijabi women usually prefer very little makeup because they don't want to draw too much attention to their faces. But they love to wear makeup when they go out with their friends to a party or a wedding. Makeup tips that include the right contouring and bold lipsticks can help you achieve a slimmer face.

Lastly, you need to ensure that you style your hijab the right way. If you aim to appear slim in the face, wearing too many layers can be counterproductive. Similarly, wearing turban and pagri hijabs is also not recommended. If you want to know more about the right kind of hijabs, continue reading ahead. 

But before we delve into the mysteries of the world, you should acknowledge that every woman has a unique physique and body. A tip that works for your friend might not work for you. So regardless of what you choose to wear or do, always remember to exhibit confidence and good energy. 

21 Hijabi Tips for the Brave and Bold Plus-sized Hijabi Muslimah

No one should be able to dictate your life. As a Hijabi woman, you don't have to follow the norms set by society and the community. From wearing layered hijabs to wearing light lipsticks, you can choose anything and everything as long as it pleases you.

If you want to be your person and make informed choices regarding your clothes, makeup and hijab, here is a perfect guide for you.




The Right Clothes-Gateway to Appearing Slim:

Avoid belts- they highlight your chest

You will see many modern Muslim women wearing belts around their waists. These belts not only emphasize the size of the chest but also place unnecessary attention on their breasts. Moreover, belts highlight the partition between the chest and the stomach. This makes your stomach appear larger than it usually is.

This is why you should always avoid wearing belts that are too tight. However, if there is a dress that requires a belt, you can wear one that is loose and is under your lower tummy. This will prevent any bifurcation and will make you look slimmer.

Horizontal stripes- a bad idea

Stripes have always been recommended to make someone look slimmer and sleeker. However, they do more harm than good. They make a Hijabi look larger than they are. They emphasize the stripes and thus focus attention on your middle portion and your shoulders.

A simple solution is to wear a long loose-fit dress with beautiful horizontal stripes. You can team them up with cardi. On top of that, a blazer or a cardigan can also help tone down the effect of the strip. This way, you can avoid any emphasis on your curves.

Tight jeans-avoid them at all costs

Tight jeans look well when you have skinny or sleek legs. However, if you aim to appear more toned down and slimmer, you should go for wide-leg pants and jeans. Tight jeans will highlight the contours of your leg thus making them appear plump. 

The alternative is a perfect choice and can help you wear the jeans of your choice comfortably. you can top loose pants with a slightly fitted shirt and a layered hijab to complete the look.



Frills and blouses-reserve them for special occasions only 

There are some occasions like a wedding or a party where you can't avoid frills and blouses. However, on all other occasions, you should avoid them as much as possible. They are designed to make one look more endowed and round in the bust area. If you have natural curves in that area, wearing a blouse and frill will make you look more frumpy. 

Breaking stereotypes with a maxi dress

A maxi dress will be the perfect choice for an all-girls function. It not only looks elegant and graceful but also gives your look a very modern touch. There are also a variety of styles to choose from. You can wear a black maxi and appear slim and sleek among your friends. 

A maxi also has the added advantage of making your butt look smaller and your shoulders sleeker.



Tops with pleats- a huge win

Many women dealing with post-pregnant tummies choose these tops. These, especially the ones that offer pleats above the waist, offer greater and more inclusive tummy coverage. But that's not the only benefit to them. These tops also look fashionable and classy on a day-to-day basis.

Choose black- any day, every day

Many plus-sized women, especially the ones wanting to cover themselves, love wearing black. It is not only one of the most neutral colors but also one of the most stylish. Almost anyone can look slim in a black dress, but Hijabi women get the added advantage of greater coverage.

So if you have a choice between a black dress and any other colored dress, you should always choose black. It never disappoints.

A-Line dresses- tradition meets modernity

As a plus-sized Hijabi, there is nothing that looks more attractive than an A-line dress. It is common in almost all parts of the world and helps you appear fashionable without highlighting your chest or your butt area. 

A-line dresses have just the right amount of flow that you need. However, many A-line dresses use a lot of fabric and may make you seem fuller than you are. This is why you should avoid too much fabric and go for a medium flow.



Makeup tips that can do wonders for you:

Women love makeup. It is a tool to look attractive, but on many occasions, makeup can also make you appear sleek and slim. Many plus-sized Hijabis use makeup to make their faces look less chubby and less curvy. You can follow a couple of tips to make your face look slimmer.

Contouring- The right technique

The best way to hide the chubbiness of the face is to do the right contouring. This is an amazing technique that highlights some areas of your face more than others. To help get the perfect look, you have to first apply a primer and moisturizer to your face. This will help prepare your skin for the contour.

The next step is to apply the right kind of foundation. You should remember that your foundation shouldn't be too light in comparison to your face. This will result in a cakey look on your face. 

Next, you have to take a bronzer and place it on the outside of your nose, and underneath your cheekbones. You should also apply the bronzer on top of your head and underneath your chin for a more thorough look. 

The last step is to blend all the makeup properly to give it an even tone. Remember that you can do the blending with your hands or with the help of a brush or blender. 

To top it all, you can apply a highlighter on some parts of your face like under the eyes or on the nose to ensure a more defined look.

However, there is no hard and fast rule and you don't have to apply heavy makeup every time you go out. If you are a Hijabi who prefers light makeup or a no-makeup look, you can go for a primer and light foundation. To make your eyes appear more distinct, you can also go for mascara and a kajal.



Top it off with a dark lipstick

As for your lipsticks and lip colors, you should go for deep berries, reds, or plum-colored lipstick if you have a chubby face. They will draw the attention away from your face and highlight your lips instead. You can also go for darker shades of lipsticks. These go well for night and outdoor functions.