10 Fashion Hacks Every Hijabi Needs



Wearing hijab can be tricky at times, and when you are in a rush, having to find the right color hijab to match your outfit, to make sure that you have washed the one you wanted to wear, to have them ruined by pins snagging on the fabric can be frustrating. 

These fashion hacks are here to help you get the most out of your hijabs and give you some great tips that you can share with other hijabis to make your lives a little bit easier. 

Wearing hijab is not considered old fashioned or traditional anymore. Modern day Muslim women choose to wear hijab as it has now become a part of fashion. There are different designs, styles, colors, fabrics, and sizes that women can dress up or down when going out in public. 



10 Fashion Hacks Every Hijabi Needs 

  1. Wear a Hijab that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone:  

    This is important when you are struggling to find the perfect hijab colour to suit your complexion. Although having a variety of different hijabs in different colours in your wardrobe is another must. Lighter tones always work best and are easy to style with clothes. 

    Try getting hijabs in lighter shades than of your skin colour and it should work out perfectly. You will also look sun- kissed while wearing these lighter colours, enhancing your outfits. Hijabs in nudes and light pinks are very versatile and match with any skin complexion.

  2. Layering for extra modesty – and fashion:  

    Sometimes clothing styles can be immodest, yet you love the color or the design. Layering your clothing is an effective way to help to be modest while wearing what you want to wear. 

    An example of this is wearing a longer shirt over a shorter one if the short one does not meet your criteria for modesty or is too revealing in certain areas.   

    Try out different styles and colors to spice up your outfits. Use different accessories to take your outfits to the next level. You can wear high heels, bracelets, bangles, and statement neck pieces to have a bolder look.  

    Also, make sure that your hijab covers your head and hair properly when going for the bolder look to ensure that you keep to the modest aspect of wearing the hijab.

  3. Use Hairspray to help keep hair in place:  Hairspray does not only have to be used for curls or other hairstyles that require to be held in position for a long time. If you are struggling to keep your hair tucked in under your hijab, then put some hairspray on the baby hairs and then wrap in your hijab. This will prevent them from slipping out from underneath and irritating you by having to continuously tuck them in.

  4. Use fabric softener wipes:  

    Sometimes hijabs get put into the wash and you can’t get to it before needing it again. Having a busy schedule might mean that you need it sooner than later. 

    Fabric softener wipes are a great substitute for when this happens. Just use these wipes to clean your hijabs by wiping them down and they are good as new. 

    This way you don’t have to change your outfit or cancel any plans because your hijab is in the wash. Make sure to wash all your hijabs instead of just relying on fabric softener wipes.

  5. Use a hair straightener to iron out the wrinkles on your hijab:  

    If you have no time to iron your hijab, just use your hair straightener to get the creases out. Another way you can get the creases out is to hang your hijab over a towel rack when taking a shower and let the steam straighten your hijab. 

    Since you are always having to fix your hair before wrapping it, there are no hassles involved with getting the straightener out. Just plug it in and voila, creases are gone.

  6. Instead of just wearing hijabs you can wear infinity scarfs:  

    Following the rule of modesty means covering your hair when out in public. 

    You can cover up by wearing an infinity scarf instead of always wearing a hijab. Infinity scarfs can be dressed up, worn with different style clothing, and is an easier wrap as well. 

    This gives you an opportunity to express yourself through the choice of scarf you decide to wear. You can also choose to wear a square fabric cloth or even a bandana as a headscarf.

  7. Stop wearing cotton hijabs:  

    Wearing cotton hijabs can cause your hair to fall out as the cotton can be harsh on some hair types. Try using other fabrics to prevent hair loss. Wearing silk or satin under caps underneath the hijab can prevent hair loss along your hairline. You can also braid your hair to keep it in place underneath the hijab or simply cut a fringe to avoid having to deal with hair breakage along your hairline.

    Under caps can also prevent headscarves from slipping off and if you should fix your headscarf out in public over the under cap, your hair will remain tucked in, and you won’t have to be embarrassed about having hair exposed in the presence of others. 

    There are easy-to-fold hijabs that are made from chiffon and satin fabrics and are elegant to upgrade any normal style to a chic look. 

    Also, use silk pillowcases or wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent your hair from losing its natural oils as you will end up with oily hair and excessive dandruff. Make sure to eat a well–balanced diet as this will keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

    Use hair care products that will help damaged, dry, and broken off hair. Keep your hair clean and don’t wrap your hair wet.

  8. Invest in a high-tech cooling scarf:  

    The company Veil has developed a new high-tech cooling scarf that has a built-in cooling system that helps keep you dry on hot summer days. 

    This scarf also saves you from having to wash your hijab as the scarf won’t be sweaty or dirty as the cool system will keep it clean. Make sure to allow your hair to breathe instead of wrapping it up underneath a hijab all the time. 

    By staying up to date on the hijab’s new fashion trends you can combine different styles of traditional and latest trends to suit your everyday fashion needs while being modern and fashionable at the same time.

  9. Safety pins tearing your hijabs:  

    It can be annoying when your pins hook onto your hijab the wrong way or tear them. This can be fixed by using the transparent rubber pieces you find on the back of new earrings to stop it from happening. 

    Simply put the rubber piece into the safety pin so that it won’t damage your hijab. 

    You can use the safety pins to elongate your necklaces if your hijab covers your necklace, all you must do is add a couple of centimeters to the necklace ends by using the largest safety pin that you have. 

    You can also wear the pins needed for the hijab, all you need is a material that is not slippery and wrap it around and under the cap and you are good to go. It will stay in place all day. 

    Be sure to tie your hair in a bun, so that the scarf can be balanced on the bun. Then tuck the scarf into your top or wrap it around your neck so that it doesn’t fall off. 

    You can also choose to wear a Turban as a hijab. To achieve this, make sure that you add volume to your turban by tying your hair up to make the turban look less flat.

  10. No more hijab tan lines:  

    Wearing a hijab and being in the sun or at the beach can cause some serious tan lines around your face. Use sunscreen but don’t put sunscreen along the edges of your face as it is already lighter than your whole face and this will tan darker than the rest of your face.



    Having to wear the hijab every day can be tiring and can become annoying as it gets boring to do the same thing day in and day out. No matter how devout you are, you might get discouraged to go out into the public always looking the same.

    Don’t be shy to use these simple hijabi hacks to spice up your day-to-day looks and create new looks that will make you feel better about yourself and much more confident in the clothing you wear. It is also important to remember to care for your hair instead of just focusing on the tips and tricks provided to make wearing hijab easier. 

    These simple hijabi hacks can be done to minimize the amount of time spent getting ready and to help you out in situations where you need to solve a problem that needs quick fixing.