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Black Rose

$99.90 $49.90

Cover yourself with this understated floral design. The elegant curves throughout this pattern will draw you in as you bask in the beauty that lies within this abaya. Hidjabaya® is...

Lux Hybrid

$99.90 $54.90

Hidjabaya® presents the contrasting combination of a pure white abaya paired with a paisley printed hijab, bringing a new sense of style to your prayers. This blend of fashion and...

Dreamy Marine

$99.90 $54.90

This bohemian-style print draws inspiration from the serenity of open seas, plunging you into a peaceful state of mind. Perfect for the summer, its lightweight fabric and breezy design will...

Pastel Dream

$99.90 $54.90

The Pastel Dream Hidjabaya is a work of pure art. We’ve seamlessly combined a classic array of vibrant colors and styles into one stunning hijab and abaya ensemble. Order yours...

Delicate Hammered Wire Ring


Let this ring add a touch of timeless elegance and surprisingly simple style to any outfit. While understated, this ring is by no means plain and should be displayed proudly...

3 Part Earrings

$130.00 $74.90

These intricate earrings are the very best way to add a refined and delicate touch to your look that will make a subtle – yet unforgettable – impression on anyone...

Silver Stack Rings

$95.00 $54.90

Stack up in style when you add these beautifully made silver stack rings to your outfit. Each ring is as high-quality and dazzling as the next, but when combined, they...

Hammered Ring

from $49.90

This silver ring has been gently hammered, shaped, and molded into one of the most beautiful Hidjabaya jewelry pieces you’ll ever see. Add one, two, or three to your look...

Pure Midnight (Without Set Box)

$79.00 $69.90

Nothing quite beats the sophistication and simplicity of the Pure Midnight Hidjabaya®. The richness and depth of this Hidjabaya® keep it classic with the everlasting elegance of black without sacrificing...

Forever Rouge (Without Set Box)

$79.00 $64.90

Our Forever Rouge design is a fresh and playful take on the classic paisley motif. This bold Hidjabaya® is for those with such a flair for life as vibrant as...

Royal Gold (Without Set Box)

$79.00 $59.90

This lavish Hidjabaya® adds a sense of luxurious elegance to your traditional prayer dress. Our extravagant gold paisley motif is beautifully sophisticated, promoting a feeling of opulence every time you...

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